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What is a sport for you? Is it something that you do for a living and what makes you excited and emotional? Do you consider it a complicated subject that is hard to understand? Or maybe you are the one who is good with earning some money from different sport matches? Well, we have something extraordinary for you! New Jersey Sports Betting was launched in 2018, after the long years of judicial proceedings with NCAA. Watch out, Las Vegas, here comes your new companion! Nowadays, after stating the legacy of NJ Sportsbook, it has become one of the biggest markets in the country. Online sports betting New Jersey is widely spread around the state, you can play it in casinos in New Jersey and racetracks, but also via mobile applications in the state. Read our article to find out more about Sports Betting in NJ!
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Today NJ is one of the largest sports betting places in the USA, combining under one umbrella dozens of sportsbooks to every taste. But its path to legacy was long and thorny. In terms of profitability, New Jersey sports betting is the case of unprecedented severity. The fight of legalizing bets started in 2012. The main reason was the budget deficit and the highest property taxes in the country. The current NJ’s Governor Phil Murphy signed the betting legalization bill in the summer of 2018 and hoped that by next summer, fans would bet about a billion dollars. He was wrong. Bookmakers received no less than $1.5 billion and total investment in the New Jersey economy was estimated at $10 – $12 billion.

How to start betting in NJ

Sports betting New Jersey is easy and simple. It is like a piece of cake, and we will tell you about it right now, step-by-step. So sit down, make yourself comfortable and read our New Jersey online sports betting guide very carefully!

Okay, the first thing is to pick an NJ bookmaker. There are plenty of them, but you should not be scared of their variety, because we have made an entire rating-list for you to choose, according to the latest New Jersey sports betting news. Some of them will give you great bonuses, from rewards for registration to seasonal promotions. Others have friendly and caring support services or the best winning statistic.

Your next step is the registration of your account. It is no wonder, if you may be asked for the driver’s license or the number of social security. This is only for your identification and verification of your age, as the online sports betting legal New Jersey only for people over 21. After entering the information you will be taken to the depositing page. Choose the preferred payment method and make the deposit. Keep in mind the necessity of reading all the details on the Terms & Conditions page to make sure that your betting sum is acceptable.

If you are playing from a computer, be ready that you will be asked to confirm your location. Unfortunately, you will need to download the special extension to track where you are. If you are using your phone or tablet, it is not needed, just turn on your GPS and it will be enough.

The last thing that remains is to place a bet. Think of what game do you like the most and what is your favorite team, and then click the sportsbooks bet slip. Do not forget to enter your sum, and then submit it, a-a-and you are done!

NJ sports betting law

As we have already mentioned before, the history of sports betting in NJ is taking quite a long time. Massive legal disputes carried on for years, but PASPA’s removal was made in 2018, and then New Jersey legalized sports betting. Now every citizen of Garden State can go to the licensed institution and make a bet. Otherwise, if you do not want to go out or simply prefer to stay home, you can play through the mobile app. That is extremely relevant due to the pandemic and quarantine, which made us unable to leave a house for a long time. You can access Atlantic City’s Sportsbooks via your iOS or Android device.

Online sports betting New Jersey first legalized by the law A4111. It allows all the NJ citizens (including also guests of the Atlantic City) to make bets in licensed institutions, no matter whether they are online or offline. The New Jersey online sports betting age is 21. Let us take a look at the text of the law and explore it together.

Just after putting down his pen, Governor Phil Murphy has stated that it is a dream-making move. He confessed to being thrilled and excited to sign up for this bill because it means so much for the state’s economy and development. In less than 72 hours there was the launching of the first Sportsbook, provided by Monmouth Park. The New Jersey online sports betting law allows making bets immediately, with the only wager requirement from the gambling platform. It concerns all the professional sports, except high school games, video games and Esports. Keep in mind that those who are tied with the particular sport, should not bet at their own game. We are talking about players, referees, coaches and the company’s owners.  Of course, to be allowed to play sports betting in New Jersey institutions, you have to be within the borders of the state.

Depositing at NJ online sportsbooks

If you have played at a casino at least once, it would not be hard for you to play at New Jersey online sports betting platforms, because the deposit process is similar, and pretty simple. First, as always, you have to choose the preferred payment option. Before clicking the last button, make sure to pick the one that is available for all the transactions, both incoming and outgoing ones. Do not neglect it, because it would not be fair, if you will not be able to withdraw your winnings.

Credit / Debit Cards

Almost every one of us has a card, no matter if it is made by VISA or MasterCard or something else. We get our salary and pay in stores and restaurants by using the credit or debit card. However, this payment method is also a very popular way to pay at casinos and sport betting platforms. Most of them accept them for depositing and withdrawing, and it is not taking very long. Aside from VISA and MasterCard there are also these brands as Discover and Amex, but they are much rarer in usage.

eCheck / ACH Transfer

In our busy world it is important to stay in time. You will not be pleased if your train will not come on schedule, or if your friend will not be there at the appointed time. Nobody likes people who are being late. Well, nobody likes to be late either. It is about everything, not just meetings or transport. Of course, it is also important to get your New Jersey online sports betting revenue punctually. It is possible with straight-forwarded money transfer, which is provided with electronic checks. After a quick recheck you will be done.

Prepaid Cards

Do you know what vouchers are? Well, it is something similar to a gift certificate, which allows you to purchase with a very limited amount of money. You can find out how big it is after checking the front side of the card, the number on it will be the sum. These cards are great for those users who like to stay on budget and play their favorite games at the same time. Well, sport betting platforms are accepting prepaid cards too; moreover, they are providing its customers with their own brand cards.


The world’s usage of electronic wallets has been highly increasing during the last decades. Nowadays everyone has the banking application in their smartphone, and companies are encouraging their users to go online. There are various wallets, and it is really hard to pick one of them, that is the best. Well, we truly recommend you to try PayPal, which is the leader of payment, according to the latest New Jersey sports betting update. It is easy to send money by PayPal, and to pay with it in online institutions, such as sport betting ones, for example.

How payouts work?

Well, imagine that you have been playing at the casino, making sport bets for a while. You won some money, and now you want to withdraw it. How to payout? You have three ways of getting your winning back, and we cannot tell what exactly you will get, because it depends on the casino’s policy. There are free stakes, bonus money and direct cash out.

First option and second are pretty similar. Both of them allow you to continue playing more and more. Well, free stakes are good for people, who are just excited to play and very passionate about New Jersey sports betting online. You will not get any money with them, but you will have good playing, which is also great, isn’t it? With bonus money you can play as well, but the chance to get money is higher, because although you are not paying for the bet, you are still a part of the competition. The best payout way is the direct cash out. However, the casino is not in a hurry to give away its money. Always remember, that bookmaker is interested in keeping in touch with you, not just letting you win the money and go.

Sportsbook bonuses in NJ

We all were locked inside our houses because of the pandemic of COVID-19. We were scared and miserable, and we still are, even after more than a year. When the whole human population stayed at home, we all were looking for some activities to bother not only our body, but our minds too. Gambling has become a real life-changer. It is fun and interesting, it allows you to play and win the real money! Sounds good, right? The fans of sport could feel again the excitement and passion by making the sport bets. Moreover, online sports betting in New Jersey will give you pleasant bonuses for staying with them. Let us tell you about them briefly.

Deposit bonus

The institutions of sports betting online in New Jersey are trying very hard to attract new users and to keep the registered ones. As well as the casino players, the sportsbooks users can get bonuses for their deposit or the no-deposit bonus. The first one is adding the extra percentage for the stake’s amount, which will not only increase your chances of winning but also for getting the bigger sum of money. Usually this bonus is equal to the amount of your deposit and requires passing before withdrawing.

No deposit bonus

No matter what game you want to play, it is always better to try it for free, practice for some time, and then start playing with bets. Thankfully, it is possible with the little help of a no-deposit bonus, which is a common thing on gambling platforms. If you are a newbie in sports betting, it will be the real life-saver for you. This bonus is usually given to the users just after the registration, as a welcome-reward. However, some sportsbooks will provide you with no-deposit bonuses as an extra reward for big actions.

Here is our list of online sports betting sites in New Jersey.

  • 888 Sportsbook is a huge betting platform, based in Europe. It was launched in 2008 and quickly became very popular. This Sportsbook provides its users with a huge range of games, focusing on American sports. After the registration you can claim the $500 risk-free bet: all your winnings will be kept, and the lost money will be refunded. You can also play it via a mobile application on your Android or iPhone device.
  • BetAmerica Sportsbook was launched in New Jersey in 2019, being not the first online sports betting sites available in New Jersey, but one of the well-loved ones. It also has a branch in Pennsylvania and a brick-and-mortar subsidiary in Mississippi. The list of available games is big (it even includes horse-racing) but, sadly, is not as good as in the other ones. BetAmerica allows you to not only make stakes in sport but also to play live casino games, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat etc.
  • Caesars Sportsbook was one of the first sports betting institutions ever launched in New Jersey, as it stated in September 2018. New users of this Sportsbook will be provided with various welcome bonuses, including the free $10 and up to a $300 match to the first bet. Do not forget that you cannot play online sports betting outside New Jersey. You can withdraw money you won or trade it for the additional rewards in stores, restaurants, cinemas, hotels etc.
  • DraftKings Sportsbook is available both in browser and mobile version. They both are very convenient and simple, with great design and animation features. It gives you a really generous welcome bonus, which will match your deposit up to $1050. Launched in 2018, right after the finish of the New Jersey sports betting case, nowadays this Sportsbook cumulatively with casinos is one of the most popular gambling platforms throughout the Internet. The depositing process is taking less than a minute, and the variety of games will surprise you.
  • Fanduel Sportsbook launched in NJ in September 2018, and nowadays allows you to bet on any type of sport. Getting the great welcome bonus will help you to enjoy it even more, as you can get the payout of $2000 in total. Of course, it has the mobile application, as fast and simple as the web-version, which can be downloaded at any device. The customer service of the Sportsbook is available round the clock via email, and has various payment options, mainly the e-wallets.
  • FoxBet Sportsbook is formed by two giants: the huge gaming provider The Stars Group and the big media company, Fox. They teamed up for launching in New Jersey in 2019, after the Supreme Court New Jersey sports betting. There are many rewards for players, from registration bonus to the personal everyday promotions, offered by the all-analyzing specialists. Sportsbook has a desktop version and mobile one as well, which is available for downloading from AppStore and the Sportsbook’s website. If you have an account on PokerStars, you can also play it at FoxBet.
  • The company, called Golden Nugget, is attracting users not only by its luxury hotel in Las Vegas, but also by the convenient and generous Sportsbook. Sports betting New Jersey online sportsbooks accepting residents from the state, not from the outside of the borders; moreover, you can only play it online via desktop or mobile version. There is a $500 risk-free first bet bonus, which allows you to save all the money you deposit, even if you will lose it. All the sports and bet types are available at the site, so you will not ever be bored.
  • The Hard Rock Sportsbook is a new platform to play at NJ. It offers you to pick one of the two great bonuses, the deposit and no-deposit one, and also this is a really fast withdrawl online sports betting sites in new jersey . Having a mobile application is common for almost all the gambling platforms in NJ, so it is not surprising that there is a mobile version of Hard Rock Sportsbook, tied to the casino. There is a very big list of payment options to deposit the money, but very small for withdrawing.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook was formed by the well-known US company, MGM Resorts International, and the UK gambling provider, GVC Holdings. It is one of the most powerful current New Jersey online sports betting sites, as it has partners such as NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball. The first bet is free up to $600, but only for just-registered users. There are also various promotions, which will allow you to always be on profit. Except e-wallets and different cards, you can also pay in cash at the land-based partnering institutions.
  • PointsBet Sportsbook is one of the safest betting platforms all around the USA. Its providers are very creative and modern-thinking, so the Sportsbook constantly offers many various innovations and improvements. For example, the betting page allows you to make a stake accurate to the exact number of points.
  • Resorts Sportsbook was expanded from just a casino into an online sports betting New Jersey platform in 2019. This is the oldest casino in Atlantic City, it is big and traditional, and the only way to stay afloat is to make up new game offers and various promotions. Resorts Sportsbook is taking safety very seriously, protecting all the transactions. Take a look at a variety of different games and special platform’s rewards.
  • Sugar House Sportsbook offers its users quick and easy transactions, finishing the depositing and withdrawing process almost immediately. The minimal amount of deposit is $10, which is great for all the types of users. The wide range of games and amazing reward program will please all the users.
  • TheScore Sportsbook was launched in 2019 and became very popular among North American and European fans. It is co-working with well-known providers to keep the bar high. The company offers deposit and no-deposit bonus, and a convenient mobile app.
  • William Hill Sportsbook gives its players a generous bonus up to $500 risk-free bet. This is the USA largest Sportsbook operator with more than one hundred locations. As any gambling institution, William Hill New Jersey online sports betting allows you to play only if you are within the borders of the state.

How to download a mobile NJ sports betting app

For many people around the world phones are the centers of life. Using it everywhere and everywhen, we have not noticed how much time we spend looking at the screen of our mobiles. As the world is becoming more and more digital, the companies are going online. It has increased due to the pandemic. Nowadays we can pay at stores with our phones, we can order the food or to purchase anything from web-stores. It was just a matter of time when the gambling would become online. Well, all the New Jersey legal sports betting platforms have made it, making mobile applications for their customers. It is important to make it compatible with every device and relevant to the website version. The bet slip needs to be smooth and sensitive to avoid the point mistakes. You can download it from the website of the Sportsbook or directly from the Play Market or AppStore. Do not worry: there are Android and iOS versions, so you will not feel off. It is easy to get started, because everything is clear intuitive, you will not get lost. All the apps match the initial desktop version, including all the games and offers.

Pro Sports Teams

The PASPA’s ban was finally broken in 2018, and dozens of Sportsbooks started to provide fun gambling for their users. Nowadays people can bet on different games, from football to the darts. You will definitely find something to your taste, and various bonuses will make the playing process even better. There are the 5 favorite professional sport leagues with different teams, let us tell you about them in our review New Jersey online sports betting.

  • The first team to discuss with you is the NFL. The National Football League (NFL) is the largest and oldest professional football league in the United States of America. The NFL is made up of 32 teams that are part of two sports associations: the American Football Association (AAF) and the National Football Association (ANF). At the end of each season, the winning team in the AAF matches will face the winning team of the ANF in a Super Bowl. Sports betting online New Jersey added the football in 2018, and nowadays its citizens can make stakes not only during the season, but also in preseason and offseason. The Super Bowl is also available for staking. Considering that NJ does not have its own football team, the state is rooting for other teams. For example, making a bet on the Philadelphia Eagles or something. There are also convenient and modern NFL betting apps, run by different Sportsbook operators.
  • The National Basketball Association is the men’s professional basketball league in North America, specifically the United States and Canada. It is well-known association in the USA, people love to watch basketball games on TV and to go see them live. Unfortunately, NJ does not have its own basketball team, but NBA sports betting is doing well, according to the New Jersey latest online sports betting news. Various sportsbooks, e.g. 888Sport, SugarHouse, FanDuel and William Hill are offering the opportunity to make stakes on basketball matches. All of them are great, but have different features and bonus options, so go and read the conditions before making a choice.
  • Major League Baseball (MLB) was founded in 1876, the professional baseball league of North America. It is considered the most powerful baseball league in the world. As of 2008, it includes 30 teams, divided into two leagues with three divisions each. The National Baseball League was founded in 1876 from eight teams similar to the American Baseball League was founded in 1901 from eight teams. In 1903, these leagues merged. GBL competitions take place from early April to September or October; culminate in the drawing of the World Series of Baseball. In the regular season, teams play 162 games. There are two incredibly popular baseball teams, which are well-known and loved all around America. We are talking about The New York Yankees and The New York Mets. The legal and secure mobile betting provides NJ citizens with an opportunity to bet and watch the games in real life. You can make a bet on your favorite team with the help of various Sportsbooks, for example, DraftKings or William Hill. Well, if you are a real fan of baseball, go and stake, and watch you New Jersey sports betting revenue multiplying!
  • The National Hockey League (NHL) is an organization that unites twenty-four American and seven Canadian professional ice hockey teams. The NHL was not the first North American professional hockey organization, but in its early years it was not the only one. First the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA) and then The Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL) competed for the title of the strongest league. By this time, the “rivals” of the National Hockey League had disbanded and the NHL remained the only major league in American hockey. NHL betting is very popular in America and in New Jersey as well. The list of New Jersey sports betting locations is not big, as you can only play within the state. Many sport fans are rooting for their favorite teams and like to make money from it. Try out these Sportsbooks, which were highly rated by users around the state: 888Sport, Bet365, Caesars Sports, William Hill, FoxBet etc.
  • Major League Soccer (MLS) is a professional soccer league, the top division of the soccer league system in the United States and Canada. The MLS is sanctioned by the US Football Federation and has 26 teams – 23 from the US and 3 from Canada. The MLS Regular Championship runs from March to October, during which time each team plays 34 matches. Twelve teams compete in a playoff tournament between November and December, culminating in the MLS Cup final, in which the league champion is determined. MLS teams also compete in tournaments with teams from other divisions and countries, such as the US Open Cup, Canadian Championship and CONCACAF Champions League. The MLS League was formed on December 17, 1993, as part of the US bid to host the 1994 World Cup. Since then, the league has grown to 24 teams, with average fan attendance exceeding NBA and NHL games. In NJ there are not many Sportsbooks which will allow you legal sports betting in New Jersey on MLS. One of them is FanDuel, which is convenient and easy to operate, and it has a simple application for the phones.

Regulations, taxes, and fees

It is needed to mention that any casino, that is starting in NJ, has to hold the license, and, of course, to pay the applying fee. Its amount is quite big, it is $100,000. The tax for land casinos and racetracks is 8,25%. However, for racetracks it requires an additional 1,25% tax. Well, in October 2018 the state Governor Phil Murphy decided to add another 1,25% tax for casino sportsbooks. The earnings go for the needs of the state and its development. Sports betting New Jersey online platforms pay only a 11% tax. You can play at these institutions as long as you are inside of state borders, no matter if you are an American citizen or not. Besides, this law allows all forms of sports betting excluding betting on high school and college sport events, that is normal thing around the country.

New Jersey sports betting history

Is any online sports betting legal New Jersey? Well, nowadays, yes, there are so many of them. Nevertheless, that was not forever. You may be wondering when was online sports betting legalized in new jersey? Below is a bit of history about it. Read on to learn more details about the dates.

1844 – Lottery ban. Lotteries was the common thing in the land of New Jersey. You could pay with lottery fund for education, for example. The biggest state’s universities accepted the lottery funds as a payment for theirs programs. The lottery was also one of the biggest source of army funding during the wars.

1897 – After the all-state referendum every form of gambling was banned, especially the commercial one, of course.

1897-1939 – Although the gambling ban was still a thing, according to the latest on New Jersey sports betting news, almost nothing has changed. The slot machines were still the average thing, and many churches ran off the bingo playing. There were horse races as well, so you could say the law was nothing.

1939 – Re-legalization of horse racing betting.

1959 – Re-legalization of all the gambling platforms.

1975 – The launching of the first legal lottery in the USA, in which people could pick their own numbers.

1978 – The opening of the NJ first casino called Resorts Atlantic City.

2006 – The closing of this casino, because it was not pleasing the USA government, as it was banning all the gambling institutions. The state and the country had lost so much money.

2012 – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed the law, which allowed all the forms of gambling, except betting on high school and college teams. It was concerning 4 racetracks and 12 casinos of the state.

2014 – New Jersey filed a lawsuit to appeal the decision of PASPA’s to claim making the sports betting legal in New Jersey.

14.05.2018 – On May 14, 2018, the court rendered its opinion in the case of Murphy v. National Student Athletic Association. The New Jersey sports betting appeal was successful, and the judge have made their judgement.

11.06.2018 – After the 5 years of judicial proceedings, New Jersey was finally able to sign the betting law. All the casinos and racetracks were legalized when the NJ Governor Phil Murphy has signed the paper by which the gambling was allowed everywhere in the state.


  • Is legal sports betting live in New Jersey?

    Since the summer of 2018, online sports betting legal in New Jersey. The first-ever Sportsbooks were Monmouth Park and Borgata, but nowadays there are so much more of them.

  • Are sports betting apps easy to use?

    All the sport betting institutions in New Jersey have mobile applications, which are simple and convenient. Find it at the Play Market or AppStore and go!

  • Will I get taxed on winning sports bets?

    Getting New Jersey online sports betting revenue, as well as any other income, you have to pay the average federal tax. If your winnings will be over 600 dollars, the sport betting provider has to inform the IRS.

  • What if I’m from New Jersey, but outside the state currently?

    Unfortunately, you are not in luck. It is very strictly because of the state’s gambling law. Every casino is using the GPS extension to check your location, so it is impossible to play outside the state.