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Keno is yet another game that gamblers in the USA adore. It offers intuitive and straightforward gameplay, accompanied by decent returns and various gameplay modes. For modern players to start enjoying Keno live, all it takes is to choose an online casino, top-up their balance, and start playing. In this article, you’ll find all the information on how you can start having fun at Keno online.

We will cover the basics of Keno game rules, its gameplay variations, where to access it, and what payment method to choose. If you’re a newcomer to the field, you’ll find all the answers you were looking for. In case you’re a longstanding casino enjoyer who wants to diversify the gameplay experience, trying free Keno is a superb option. Either way, let’s dive deeper and find out more about this game and its engaging gameplay, as follows.

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Top Casinos for Online Keno

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Keno: What is it?

If you’re a first-timer, you might wonder what Keno online is and how to play it. Before explaining all the game rules and odds, you should know the history behind Keno gambling. In some sense, Keno was one of the first lottery-type games humanity enjoys even now. This game has Chinese origins, dating back at least 2,000 years, having similar rules to how this amusement is played even now.

Throughout the history of this game’s development, it has become more accepted and widespread across Chinese provinces. As a result, players could enjoy real money Keno in specific venues that resemble the modern-day casino venues. Luckily, you don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy it right now, with plenty of online casinos offering this game 24/7 from any device.

Anyway, you can find similar games all around the world, including the United States. It is believed that Keno Casinos started appearing in the US in the 1840s, eventually becoming quite an engaging amusement. Even though the game rules of the American Keno are similar to the ones of the Chinese game, one can still trace the roots of Bingo and Lottery in it. Soon after entering American soil, Keno got lots of attention, soon to be added to the premier land-based venues of the United States.

As you know already, lottery-based games, such as Keno USA, are now available in online casinos. Since the massive adoption of such platforms, Keno was one of the games that emerged among the first titles. It means that this game has become exceptionally popular among American players, primarily because of its simple game rules and exciting gameplay. Speaking of which, take a look at the basic rules of Keno casino games, as follows.

How to Play Keno Online

Once you are aware of the history of this game, you should consider learning its rules. This game is played by choosing a set of numbers ranging from 1 to 80. Once you pick your numbers, a total of twenty are then drawn randomly. If the numbers from a total of 80 matches with the ones you’ve chosen, you won. If no, you can always try your luck the next time.

Before you get too worried about correctly picking all the twenty numbers, let us elaborate a little bit. In most Keno online gameplay options, you need to match only some numbers, such as nine, ten, or more. The payouts also work differently, with some free Keno games to play offering payouts on three and more numbers you match. You see, such simplicity of gameplay and similarity to a lottery is something that made Keno so popular.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget that this game comes in a dazzling array of variations, each coming with its game rules. That’s why you should check any online casino Keno title before starting your gameplay adventure there. You see, it’s better to understand how the payouts work and stay to your in-game goals. This game is both fun and enjoyable, making it a no-brainer for most American gamblers. But still, even if you’re well aware of how a specific Keno title is played, you should stick to a particular gambling website. Take a look at how our review team assesses online casinos to recommend the best ones for you.

How we rate online casinos?

When it comes to gambling websites, online Keno real money is best enjoyed on a credible platform. Therefore, our review experts do their best to review the online casinos complying with all the essential criteria. Some of the most important criteria for us are as follows:

  • Credible licensing
  • Availability for the US players
  • Experiences of real players, preferably with detailed feedback
  • Presence of Keno bonus offers
  • Availability of numerous payment methods for all tastes and preferences
  • Diversified software used in various Keno games
  • Dedicated and attentive customer support

All these criteria are equally important, and we do our best to assess each of them in our in-depth reviews. Unfortunately, a wide range of Online Keno Casinos might comply with some criteria but fail to deliver on the other ones. That is why we recommend only such websites that are superb in every one of the criteria mentioned above. If you want to find an online casino featuring Keno live independently, you’re welcome to do so. Alternatively, just follow our recommendations to enjoy a decent gameplay experience on a credible platform we’ve reviewed already.

Getting the Best Bonus Offer

You see, most online casinos do their best to compete against each other for the sake of gathering a gambling audience. As a result, all the top gambling websites in the United States have appealing promos and bonuses. They come in various forms, ranging from deals for newcomers to unique promotions for existing gamblers.

For most real money Keno games, bonuses usually represent a percentage of bonus money credited after a deposit. These promos are called Match Bonuses, and they are widely available in most online casinos in the United States. Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer or a hardcore gambler, all real money Keno players stick to promotions because they enrich the gameplay experience a lot.

On our side, we do recommend only such sites that feature the most appealing bonuses and promotions. You can be sure that they come with transparent and straightforward terms and conditions. When it comes to wagering requirements, take your time to read all the rules to what to expect from every bonus promotion.

Play Online Keno for Free

Another decent opportunity for all US players interested in lottery-style games, such as Keno, is to try demo versions first. If you have no prior experience, demo versions allow playing free Keno without real money dollar deposits. It means you can start enjoying Keno for free at the cost of not winning some dollars after you guess all these numbers. Free Keno casino games come with all the brilliant features of such titles.

You can be sure that free Keno apps are also exciting, featuring the same game rules. This option is perfect for gamblers who want to try out a new Keno release with updated features. It is also equally useful for newcomers who want to try out if Keno is a suitable game for them. In some sense, free online Keno might also work out if you switch to a new online casino and you want to experiment with such a website. Regardless of the circumstances, a demo version is perfect for various categories of players in the United States.

Online Keno for Real Money

But what if a demo version is just not for you? Do you know the game rules already and want to win some money? Then, online Keno for real money is a perfect option for you. You can choose from various gameplay modes, configure your wagers, and experiment with bets. What is more, most Keno bonuses are aimed at players who deposit real money. In other words, you’ll significantly benefit from promotions and other deals when trying out real money gameplay modes.

Sometimes, it’s recommended to start with a demo version first. This way, you’ll get an idea of how this game is played and get some much-needed experience. Once you feel ready to move forward, a real-money gameplay option is waiting for you. Don’t forget to stick to a credible online casino, claim a big promotion, and try your luck in one of many Keno games. After all, this game was designed to be played for real money, making it a more exciting amusement when played accordingly in the US online casinos.

Different types of Keno

You should also be aware that Keno comes in a large variety of types and game rules. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Keno Poker
  • Instant Bingo
  • Hot Zone
  • Baseball
  • Venetian
  • Roulette

Except for the combinations with other casino games, some title variations also differ depending on the available wagering options. You can experiment with the following types of games, including:

  • Cleopatra
  • Klub
  • Power
  • Caveman

It seems that you can try out a wide range of titles based on your game preferences. Still, you can be sure that any title you prefer offers exciting gameplay. Before choosing a particular variation and game rules, take your time to learn its game rules beforehand. After all, you can be sure that you’ll have to guess numbers one way or another regardless of the game you pick.

If you choose free Keno download gameplay options, you can skip this one. But in case you look forward to real money gameplay, you should be confident regarding the banking option you choose. In the United States, players have a diversified choice of payment methods.

We’ve got you covered with all the convenient banking options suitable for real money gameplay in the following overview. So, without too much hassle, let’s review them one by one to find out what payments work well for American gamblers interested in Keno gameplay, as follows.

  • Visa. In some sense, Visa casinos are the leaders in the industry of payment methods. This option is both simple and intuitive. You can top up and withdraw money from your game balance easily. All the transactions are secured and safe, making Visa such a preferred option for most American gamblers. After all, most Americans are using Visa already, which makes it even easier for use in terms of gambling purposes.
  • MasterCard. You should also be aware that MasterCard is the second-most popular banking option. If you find a MasterCard casino with Keno games on the board, feel free to start your adventure with such a website. MasterCard is a leading company offering stringent security measures and fast transactions, which are crucial for American gamblers when it comes to usability.
  • Bank Transfers. When it comes to Keno players in the United States, bank transfers gambling is a solid way to enjoy various games. Even though bank transfer takes more time to proceed, it mostly comes with special security measures. Pay attention to fees, which are different based on a particular gambling website and your bank.
  • AMEX. AMEX gambling is also a perfect option for all American players. This credit card provider is top-rated in the United States, and for a reason. Using AMEX for deposits and withdrawals is easy and intuitive, whereas the payments are fast and secure. A combination of these factors makes AMEX such a preferred banking option for all American gamblers interested in Keno.

What Are the Keno Payouts?

You see, payouts in Keno games vary on a dazzling array of factors. They can differ from one gambling website to another. You should also assess what particular game you’re playing, which might also have different payout schemes. There is a common misconception, which is still widespread among gamblers who play online casino Keno. You should be aware that any Keno Payout is better when you have a higher percentage of the drawn numbers but not the numbers themselves.

In other words, if you intend to play Keno for a longer time, count on the number of sessions, but not a single huge payout. You should also remember that in most games, the payouts differ depending on the initial wagering amount. Although you can win a huge amount of real money with a tiny wager, it happens infrequently. A general rule of thumb is to read more about the payouts and other game rules before playing, which will give you all the answers on your particular game chosen.

Keno RTP

If you’ve played real money casino games before, you should already know what RTP is. RTP stands for Return-to-Player, and it is a coefficient of how a game pays out to players over time. In a real money Keno game, this coefficient might be a bit tricky at first. Let us shed light on the theoretical returns of Keno with ten balls, as follows:

  • 1st choice: 75%
  • two: 98.10%
  • three: 90.19%
  • four: 89.02%
  • five: 86.08%
  • six: 93.79%
  • seven: 93.61%
  • eight: 92.94%
  • nine: 93.49%
  • ten: 90.82%

But RTPs might also vary depending on the game rules since most titles also offer nuanced terms and conditions. In other words, make sure you understand these payout rules before accessing a particular Keno casino game.

Tips for Online Keno

Sometimes, even the most experienced players or those who enjoyed Keno online free modes would benefit from valuable tips and tricks. Exclusively for you, we hand-picked some of the most useful recommendations on maximizing your game returns. Take a look and modify these pieces of advice to create your unique gameplay style:

  • Play a sequential set of numbers, allowing you to stick to a consistent game plan
  • Don’t forget that bankroll management is critical, meaning that you should manage your wagers appropriately.
  • Take advantage of bonuses and promotions to make the most of what a particular online casino offers.
  • Take your time to review the paytable of a specific title before playing

Besides these recommendations, make sure you’re playing on a credible gambling website. Of course, you can play Keno online at casinos any way you like, but following these recommendations is wise to boost your winning odds in the long run.

Keno Online Vs. Land-Based Keno – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the options of playing Keno, they come in a large variety. Except for the good-old online gameplay, there is also an option to enjoy Live Keno in land-based venues. You might be wondering what the difference between the two is and how they are played. You see, in traditional venues offering Keno games, the house edge might be the factor that restrains players from starting it.

When you try online Keno, you might expect to see a house edge that peaks at 10%, for instance. You can see a 5% on most gambling websites, which is more favorable for players. But when it comes to land-based amusements, the house edge is usually higher, often reaching up to 20% or 30%. This way, you can see that the online gameplay experience is much more appealing, at least from the perspective of payouts.

Another factor you should consider is that land-based games usually come with a fixed set of game rules. On the contrary, you can play Keno online and access dozens of game rules, which might be more exciting for newcomers and experienced players. Either way, take your time to think whether the real-life board is something that appeals to you. You see, some players adore the experience of social interaction that comes alongside land-based Keno.

Still, you can try out free Keno games for Android that work with the live dealer game mode. With this feature, the board is broadcasted to all players, allowing them to interact and chat while playing. Even though it seems that the distinctions are minor, don’t forget that it’s for you to decide what matches your interests the most. But from the perspective of practical usability,

Keno Glossary

It might be the right time to get acquainted with some of the popular terms that Keno players often use. Knowing these terms will help you learn this game faster, alongside communicate with other gamblers at ease. So, even if you’re just starting your free Keno no download adventure, take a closer look at some of the popular terms, as follows:

  • Balls is a term used to name the small white numbered balls that are used in this game. They range from one to eighty in the standard game rules.
  • Bankroll refers to the total amount of spare money a particular gambler has set aside to play.
  • Caller is an employee of a gambling website or a land-based venue who announces the numbers that were selected for a draw.
  • Draw is a fancy word for round, which is used in Keno.
  • Field is a combination of numbers that players mark on a ticket. In some other cases, Field refers to all the numbers of the Keno board.
  • Flashboard is basically a device that highlights all the winnings numbers, which is mostly the case with land-based venues.
  • Hit happens when a player has marked on a ticket that is drawn during the Draw
  • House is supposedly a house edge, which is a percentage that a casino holds to sustain its long-term profitability.
  • Mark refers to a selection of the selected number on a particular ticket.
  • Random Number Generator is a tool that is used to determine what numbers are drawn for a particular Draw.
  • Ticket is a standard ticket where players mark their selections.
  • Tournament is usually a rare event in online casinos to run organized tournament ranking events for Keno players.

Of course, there are always more terms to learn, but these are the most widely used, which you should learn to exceed in any Keno app you find online.


One can hardly doubt that having an option to play Keno online is outstanding for most American gamblers. In most cases, players just got used to visiting land-based venues to play this amusement, but it’s not happening right now. Instead, people are switching to online gameplay formats, which are more appealing because:

  • Online Keno usually comes in various forms, allowing to play a wide range of game modes at ease.
  • Payment methods are more flexible and intuitive.
  • Players can choose from numerous bonuses and promotions, which make gameplay even more exciting.
  • Attentive customer support can always answer all the relevant questions easily.
  • Because the software for online Keno is so varied, gamblers are free to choose from numerous games from various game developers.

There is more than that, making the online Keno experience so much enjoyable compared to the land-based one. Either way, make sure to educate yourself before playing and have fun.


Even though the merits of online Keno are countless, there are still a few flaws you should remember about. Don’t forget that some online casinos are not safe, and inexperienced players might not know about this fact beforehand. Some other flaws include low bonuses, which are present only on some gambling sites. As you can compare easily, the advantages of online Keno indeed exceed the disadvantages. Still, take your time to learn about a particular online casino before starting your adventure.

Blacklisted Casino Sites

Even if you’ve just claimed a Keno bonus free, you should remember that picking the right gambling website is a must. On our platform, we blacklist online casinos that don’t meet our criteria. Some of the online casinos that are already there fail to pay out winnings to their players. What is more, we also blacklist sites with unclear payment instructions, shady licensing, no customer support, or absent information on games. Before grabbing your credit card and starting to play Keno, make sure that a chosen online casino is not on our blacklist.


  • What is Keno?

    Keno is a lottery-type game with eighty balls, which are numbered from one to eighty. Players have to pick a total of twenty numbers and place bets on which ones are going to be drawn.

  • What are Keno’s odds of winning?

    You see, the odds of winning a Keno game depend on a variety of factors. However, when it comes to getting a particular number, the odds are one in four. So take your time to learn more about RTPs before starting your game.

  • Can I play free Keno before wagering real cash?

    Yes, all the leading online casinos with Keno on the board offer demo versions. Players can access online Keno games for free, excluding a need to deposit real money.

  • Can I play online keno on my mobile or tablet?

    On most gambling websites featuring Keno, it is entirely possible to play from your mobile or tablet. Of course, check the mobile compatibility before starting, but the odds are high that most casinos feature a superb mobile experience.