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What is the worldwide-known and well-trusted banking brand which is widely spread around all the countries? This company provides its users with all the types of payment cards from debit to credit ones. There are prepaid cards as well, which is also quite convenient for users who need extra money to stay on budget but do not want to pay credit fees. Yes, we are talking about Visa, which is the leader in banking and is used all around the world in different companies and life-spheres, including gambling, of course. There are so many Visa casinos throughout the Internet, and we know that it is easy to get lost in a messy universe of them. We made this article to help you with the understanding of choosing the best online casino Visa card. By the end of the text, Visa casino will not be a puzzle for you anymore!

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Online Casinos for Visa

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PokerStars Casino

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888 Casino

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Visa: What is it?

Anyone who has ever held a payment card in their hands probably knows the name of Visa. This company is the banking leader, providing customers with various great deals. First of all, you need to understand what the payment system as a whole is. So, a payment system is a service for transferring money in electronic form, carried out according to a set of rules and using software, hardware, and technical means. Payment systems are local, that is, operating in one country or even within a separate segment of the national and international market. Visa is the last one. It allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs, as well as pay for purchases and services – both at regular retail outlets and on the Internet. Today this American payment system, founded in 1976, is used in more than 200 countries around the world. Its share in the global volume of payments in recent years has exceeded 8.3 trillion dollars. Worldwide, more than 60 million merchants and 2.9 billion accounts use the Visa payment system.

How to deposit money to a casino account via Visa?

Visa bank cards are the most popular payment methods at online casinos. Their cards are issued by almost any bank in the world. There are so many VISA casinos, which provide customers with quick access to the financial operations of the casino. Advantages of payments at casinos via Visa cardholders can link their account to another payment system, for example, Skrill, and use them to replenish their e-wallet or withdraw money. Cards are issued by a specific bank that a customer visits to receive a physical debit card. In a financial institution, the client only needs a passport and payment for issuing a plastic card. Moreover, many companies issue VISA cards to their employees as a salary. This is partly due to the popularity of these cards in the VISA casino: the user will receive a salary then pick the suitable casino, which accepts the VISA card, and eventually make a deposit. The betting process is a piece of cake! At first, you need to enter the number of your credit card in the right field. For extra safety, online casino VISA uses its unique verification system which is made for checking whether a customer’s card is valid and with plentiful credit. After an analysis ends, the transaction will be accepted, but to complete it, you have to submit the personal code from your messages. Depending on the banking policy of the online casino prepaid VISA, you will get notifications about everything that is going on with your casino account either daily or monthly. You will be aware of all the money transfers, outstanding invoices and, surely, about the minimal sum you need to pay to avoid getting a fee.

How To Withdraw Money from Visa Casinos

By playing different slot machines with the withdrawal of money, online casino visitors can play for real money. There are no problems with withdrawing funds from reputable gambling establishments. And overall the known option, VISA is absolutely the most popular and easiest one. It is important to keep in mind that applications should be processed not only in the casino, but also in the bank (first in the casino bank, and then in the receiver’s bank). All operations on checking payments are carried out manually by ordinary employees of the banks; therefore, your winnings in the casino can be received on the online casino VISA electron in the period from 3 to 7 working days. But this is only the reverse side of the medal since with the money you have earned you will be able to use it right away. Even if the money arrives at an electronic payment system quickly, you still absolutely need to display them to pay somewhere. If you are ready to withdraw the money you won, go to your profile and enter the withdrawal zone. Then, after picking VISA and entering the sum you want, you will succeed.

Similar banking options

Have you ever wondered – can you use a credit card at a casino? Well, actually, you can. A wide range of options allows players to choose the most convenient and affordable systems for prompt settlements and withdrawal of funds. It is quite necessary to consider all the possible options, so let us talk about other alternative payment ways. They are similar to Visa, but still different, because of their special features or their absence. However, it is time to discuss them and their working specifications.


As you may know, American Express (or AMEX for short) is initially the American banking system, but nowadays it becomes really popular and widely spread all around the world, not just in the USA. Making deposits with AMEX is pretty easy, especially since it has a convenient mobile application. All you need is a few minutes, and then the bet will be done!

Eco card

Providing you with extra control on your bankroll, fast transactions, and especial security, this payment option is the best for those who like to use prepaid VISA for online gambling, but do not have any credit card. It is good for every need of any individual or entity. Moreover, it is made by the creator of ecoPayz, so you can be sure about the operations’ quality.


MasterCard is another giant of banking, which is today hugely popular and going on a par in every casino accepting VISA. The company was launched in 1966, and the main office is located in the USA (New York, Westchester County). The biggest advantage of MasterCard is that it is acceptable by a majority of online institutions, and, of course, for playing online games as well.

Play For Real Money at Online Visa Casinos

There are plenty of ways to play at casinos. If you have never tried playing VISA games before, you can try the no-deposit mode to practice for some time. In case you are confident enough to make high deposits, it would not be hard to find a real money casino. Good news! Every casino accepting VISA as a payment option. For sure, it is one of the fastest and reliable ways to pay online both in stores and gambling websites. And do you want to hear the best part? Imagine the world in which you can go into the casino and your card would be available for all kinds of games. Well, for VISA users it is a reality, they do not really need to doubt about the VISA slots availability; the door of any game is opened for them! So if you prefer to play for real money, VISA can be your finest choice, as it is available everywhere for everyone!

Visa Casino Bonuses

We are assured that an online casino with VISA bonuses is making the gambling process incredibly pleasing. Why? Because they allow you to get rewards for almost every action or, you could say, just for the existing! We all like different benefits, from simple promotions to serious bonus programs. Therefore, it is our favorite part of the gaming process as for many other players. There are bonuses for deposit and no-deposit bonuses, and both types are beneficial in their own way. You have the opportunity to get the reward for registration, various seasonal promotions, and different awards for big bets, cashback, referral bonus, etc. Keep in mind that you also can have a profit just from online gambling with credit card. Perhaps, you will get some free spins or the extra percentage to your deposit. It is on the casino to choose what to give to you. Try not to miss any promotion to use all the advantages of the casino to the fullest!

Quality Customer Service and Support System

It is essential to be sure that if you would ever get in trouble, you will not be alone. Trustful and reliable support is the most important part of choosing the casino. Well, it is the main goal of the Support Team to provide you with all-round assistance for any questions. The customer service for online casino VISA card is available every day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Keep in mind that your convenience is the most important thing, which is because the help professionals are there for you!

Safety and security

Casinos have been a target for fraudsters since their early days. The gambling industry is closely tied to large cash. And the more this cash, the more the number of crooks who want to get some easy money. Any prepaid VISA card online casino needs to have a license. Before registering with any online casino, we strongly advise you to check out the legality of the casino’s activities. The second deciding factor in a casino is a range of games that have been made by different great and well-known software companies. This list includes a global number of world-trusted providers. Each of them produces wonderful games made with amazing graphics and sound, which so many people like and enjoy.


After all of the things we said before, we believe it is needed to systemize all the good things of casino VISA cards. Well, there are plenty of them, and you better keep them in mind, so you will not miss anything special. The time of transactions with online casino VISA debit is very low; you need just a few minutes to finish the process. Visa is a worldwide known brand that is trusted by millions of users. Visa provides you with credit casino VISA cards so you can play without spending real money. The reputation of the company speaks for itself. Visa has its unique anti-theft protection and complex verification of any operation. Eventually, every foreign currency is converting automatically by its current rate. All of these pros are making visa casinos very special and incredible.


Everything in this messy world has its pros and cons. Well, if you want to be well-versed in any issue, you need to know every detail and take a look on the dark side as well. There a few disadvantages of any online casino that accept VISA and we will tell you all the information about them. At first, remember that not everyone can have the Visa casino deposits; right before you have to prove your solvency. With the recent hackers’ attacks, every card’s information could be stolen. Also, the credit line makes it easier for players to lose their expenses because of the banking fees. If you want to avoid such obnoxious situations we recommend prepaid VISA card for online casino and setting two-factor authentication to be fully secure!

Avoid Visa online casinos from our blacklist

There are so many sites to make VISA casino deposits throughout the Internet; it is like an embarrassment of riches. Sadly, not every casino in the gambling industry is safe to play. The reasons for it are pretty different. The payment issues, the absence of games, incorrect work of customer service, etc. Take care of yourself independently by checking the casino website and reading Terms & Conditions very carefully. Considering all of this and helping you not to get in trouble, we made this special list of every prepaid online VISA casino you really should avoid. We hope it will be helpful for you!


  • How fast are the transactions?

    Online casinos value your time and comfort, so they tried to make the transaction time as low as possible. Usually making the deposit takes just a few minutes, and the withdrawal will be a couple of days, depending on the customer’s location and other features.

  • Are there any fees for the transactions?

    No, all the transactions are completely free and paid by the casino itself, including the deposits and withdrawal ones. Besides, you will get a special bonus for the casino pay with VISA debit, sounds great, isn’t it? We are sure that some free spins of the deposit percentage will brighten your playing process!

  • Is the card accepted in most online casinos?

    You can submit your VISA card for every online casino accepting VISA gift cards, but we advise you to check its availability in the Terms & Conditions section, so you will be sure about it.

  • How does Visa compare to MasterCard?

    Both VISA and MasterCard are widely spread around most of the gambling platforms. These cards are free to register and payable. However, Visa and MasterCard are just the payment systems, the banks are different, so before making a card, try to explore the conditions of them and understand their difference.