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PayPal is a popular e-wallet available in many countries around the world. Clients are attracted by the ease of use of the e-wallet. To use the wallet, you need to go to the website or download the application and create a PayPal wallet. Many casinos accept PayPal and some of them even give customers incentive bonuses of 15% of the player's deposit. PayPal casino customers can both make deposits and withdraw money using this electronic wallet. This payment method is convenient and simple for PayPal casinos, and its control is always at hand in the mobile application. Next, we will talk about how to make a deposit and how to withdraw money using PayPal in the online casinos that accept PayPal. Moreover, we will discuss alternative payment methods if PayPal is not available in your country. In the end, we will find out the pros and cons of this payment method.

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Online Casinos for PayPal

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Unibet Casino

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PokerStars Casino

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  • 100% up to $600
  • Over 326 games
  • $50 Free On Deposit
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Draftkings Casino

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Caesars Casino

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UP TO $2021 FREE
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  • Over 440 games
  • World Renowned Casino
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888 Casino

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PayPal: What is it?

PayPal is a secure way to make deposits and withdraw money at PayPal casinos. This secure payment system is an electronic wallet that the player can use to make financial transactions. At one time, it was the only wallet on the market and it became a real hit among people. To use the wallet, the player needs to go to the site, enter the required data and create a wallet. For the wallet to work, you need to add a bank account or card to your PayPal online casino account. Otherwise, an electronic wallet will not be able to work without a means of payment that can be used as a monetary resource. The e-wallet carries out most of its transactions without commission and additional costs. All transactions are fast and take a few hours at most. Moreover, the main advantage is a special encryption system that leaves customer data in complete secrecy and does not pass it on to third parties, even online casinos that accept PayPal. In this way, PayPal is a safe way to make money transactions and remain a secret.

How to deposit money to a casino account via PayPal?

To make a deposit using PayPal, players must take several important steps, which we decided to describe further in our review. Follow the PayPal casino list and sequence of steps carefully and repeat after us.

  • choose a casino that accepts PayPal. There is a large assortment of various casinos on the Internet with an affordable PayPal payment method. Choose the most reliable and safe casino from them and go to the site.
  • register. After you have chosen a PayPal casino, you need to register on the site to use PayPal. Otherwise, you will not be able to make a deposit.
  • create a PayPal account. To do this, go to and fill out the registration form required to create a wallet. Once you are done, come up with a login password and remember it.
  • link a bank account. To use PayPal, the player needs to have a bank account that can be linked to a wallet. It can also be credit cards if you want to link your wallet to them.
  • create an account. After filling in all the data, the player finally created an electronic wallet. Now he can activate it and start using it.
  • register your PayPal wallet at the casino cashier. Go to the casinos that accept PayPal cashier, enter your account and add it to your payment methods. After that, enter the amount you want to use for the top-up. Now you can deposit and play for real money.

How to withdraw from a casino using PayPal?

As with making a deposit, withdrawing money at the online casinos that take PayPal also requires a certain algorithm that must be used. Next, we will list the main steps for withdrawing money. They are simple to execute and the process itself will only take a few minutes. However, at the end of the action, you will receive the winnings that you honestly earned by playing your favorite games. Follow us and you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

  • go to the casino cashier and select PayPal as the withdrawal method. If you decide to withdraw money using PayPal, then you need to have the account added to the cashier of your PayPal casino USA. If you do not have an account, register PayPal as the primary payment method on your casino website.
  • enter the amount you want to withdraw. Sometimes online casinos that accept PayPal deposits USA have withdrawal limits, so check with the casino for the withdrawal limit it has. After that, indicate the amount to withdraw money that you would like to receive soon.
  • confirm your operation and pay attention to the processing time of the request. Then you can roughly know when you can get your winnings. The processing time depends on the casino and the bank where you received the card.
  • get your winnings. After all the actions, it remains only to wait for the winnings to come. You will receive a notification from the mobile app when the money is credited to your PayPal account.

Alternative online payment methods

If for some reason PayPal is not available in your country or region, there are many alternative ways to make online casino PayPal deposit USA and withdraw winnings. Among them, the casino offers Visa and MasterCard credit cards, bank transfers, and the AMEX payment system. Below we will tell you in more detail about each of them.


Visa credit cards are distinguished by their unlimited possibilities, which give the player a feeling of accessibility and ease. To use a credit card as a payment method, you need to register it at the Visa casino cashier. After that, you need to enter the required amount of the deposit or withdrawal of money. Visa deposits are instant, but the withdrawal of winnings will have to wait a few days. This is because both the instant PayPal withdrawal casino and the bank need to process the player's request and make sure that it is reliable and safe.


Like Visa credit cards, MasterCard cards offer players quick deposits and withdrawals. There are two types of such cards – credit and debit. Credit cards give the player a certain credit limit that the online casino that accept PayPal player can use when making deposits. Moreover, debit cards are available only if the player has replenished the account on this MasterCard, that is, only personal funds. Deposits in MasterCard casinos are fast and withdrawals take several days depending on the bank where the player received the card.

Bank Transfers

If other payment methods are not available to the player, then you can use the possibility of bank transfers. To do this, you need to go to the bank's cash desk and indicate the online casino that takes PayPal details. Then the bank will be able to add a deposit to the player's account. It takes hours or days. Withdrawing money is more difficult. At the bank transfers’ casino cashier, you need to indicate the bank details in which the player wants to receive the winnings. Receiving a prize can also take up to several days.


Players use the AMEX gambling payment system both in the form of credit cards and in the form of electronic checks. Players can register the card at the cashier of the selected us online casinos that accept PayPal. Moreover, if he uses checks, then he can write a check with the amount of the deposit, which will be credited to the player's account. Withdrawing money is possible only to the card and does not require any additional commissions and costs. It can take several hours or days. Deposits are instant and the player can start playing immediately after making a deposit.

PayPal Mobile application

Many people wonder what online casinos accept PayPal. For the convenience of customers, PayPal has created a mobile application that players can download to their mobile devices. To install it, the player needs to go to the application store of his phone operating system. For iOS devices, players must visit the App Store, and for Android devices, the Google Play Store is available. In the search bar in both stores, the player enters the name of the e-wallet. The first app to be shown is the official wallet app. Next, the player installs the application.

After that, the player must go to his account or register and create a wallet. To enter the site, enter your password and login. If you need to register, then fill out the form and link your bank account to your wallet. You now have access to PayPal features. With the help of the mobile application, the player can make deposits and receive winnings at the online casino real money PayPal. Moreover, he can keep track of his finances and regulate them. These operations are available without commission and are always at hand on the player's mobile device. Thus, the PayPal application gives the player control over his wallet and demonstrates the ease and speed of operations. It works great on both operating systems and is optimized for any screen. Using the application, the player can even open a new account in the online casino accepts PayPal, which will be linked to an electronic wallet.

PayPal Casino Bonuses

Casinos sometimes encourage the use of a particular payment method. Likewise, in some casinos that accept PayPal, players can receive a bonus that will add a certain percentage to their deposit amount. In most cases, this percentage is up to 15 of the deposit amount. Thus, the player can use bonuses using convenient payment methods. In addition to bonuses for using PayPal, casinos have a bonus policy that is individual in each online casino that accepts PayPal. However, there are universal bonuses that are available at most casinos. First, the bonuses that the player receives upon registration are considered welcome bonuses. These usually include the amount on the player's account or free spins to use in a particular slot online. Secondly, players can receive deposit bonuses. After the player makes an online casino PayPal deposit, the casino can return the amount of the deposit in percentage terms. Bonus wagering conditions are also universal. Each bonus has its own, and the player needs to read the relevant rules before agreeing to receive a bonus. Never take bonuses that you are not able to wager. Otherwise, you will have to pay wager bonuses from your money and deposits. Therefore, use such a casino service rationally and stay on top.

Safety and security

By using PayPal, the player trusts his data, both personal and financial, to the payment system. The player can be sure that his data will not be passed on to third parties, since the payment system has a special encryption technology. It protects data even from online casino PayPal. If the player has not given his consent to use the data, then the data will never be passed on to third parties. If the player uses PayPal, then he does not have to worry about the security of financial data. They are reliably protected and are under the control of the payment system. Thus, by registering his data on the website or in the PayPal application, the player can be sure that his confidential information is reliably protected and will not be spread outside the payment system in the real money online casinos that accept PayPal.


The list of benefits that PayPal brings to players is relatively long. Therefore, we will try to mention the most significant advantages that have a positive effect on the game process.

  • transaction speed. All money transfers are fast and do not take long. The system processes the request and sends it to the bank to complete the transfer. Further, the request is processed by the bank and sends the specified amount to the specified player or USA online casinos that accept PayPal account. Everything happens during the day and the player can track everything in the application.
  • encryption of personal data. The system uses a special SSL encryption technology that protects client data and does not disclose it to others. This technology is considered the basis of this payment system and it was she who made this company especially successful.
  • no commission. You will rarely find a payment method that is capable of making fast transactions without commission in the online casinos that accept PayPal deposits. If the method withdraws money for monetary transactions, then this commission is not particularly high. Customers are happy with what they have thanks to this payment system.
  • mobile app. Players can download it from the app store and use it online without additional visits to the banks. The application does not take up much space and allows you to manage finances right from your device at your fingertips.
  • bonuses and promotions. PayPal gives players the opportunity to receive incentive bonuses for using it as a payment method. Some PayPal casinos USA have this policy and offer players bonuses for using PayPal.


Despite all of the above positive aspects, players may encounter some disadvantages of the PayPal payment method. First, unfortunately, PayPal is not available in all countries and regions. Therefore, no matter how the player wants, he will not be able to use it in his region if the method is not supported there. Secondly, for some transactions, PayPal still charges an additional commission in the online casino real money PayPal USA. Sometimes clients are not at all willing to pay it. Thus, the payment method has disadvantages that affect the performance of financial transactions.

History of PayPal

The history of this payment method dates back to 1998. The young creator of PayPal came up with a special encryption system that made it possible to transfer financial data among themselves in secret. PayPal is the product of a merger of two companies and the efforts of two leaders in finance and cryptography. Others liked the encryption technology so much that in 2002 eBay took over the company. Moreover, since then, most purchases on this site are made with PayPal. The name of the company was changed to a more pleasant and enticing one. The company was very successful because it did not charge a large transaction fee and no one could copy the principle of the wallet due to the high secrecy of the data. Thus, the online casino PayPal e-wallet remained the only wallet of its kind for a long time. However, even now it remains at its best among fans of this payment system. Still, it is generally accepted that without the takeover by eBay, PayPal would not have existed for long, and would have become the next standard e-wallet in the casinos that take PayPal.

Blacklisted Casino Sites

Some casinos have bad reviews and are blacklisted by many reviewers. They are there because of many criteria that lower their reputation with customers. First, online casino with PayPal may not live up to what advertisements promise customers. For example, a player does not receive such bonuses, or payment methods declared on the site are not supported. Secondly, there are terrible cases when the players' winnings are not paid. Then customers are forced to contact support or seek justice in other ways. Such cases are a poor indicator of PayPal online casino USA performance. Thus, be careful when choosing a casino in order not to get into a bad situation.


  • Is PayPal safe for online transactions?

    Yes, PayPal is a secure way to make deposits and withdrawals in the online casinos that use PayPal.

  • Are there any user fees with PayPal?

    No, when making a deposit, the payment method does not require additional fees.

  • How soon after a deposit can I start playing?

    Deposits come to the casino that takes PayPal account almost instantly, so the player can start playing as soon as possible after making a deposit.

  • Can I use PayPal on a mobile device?

    Yes, there is a special mobile application for this. In it, the player of the PayPal online casinos USA can perform all monetary transactions.