Delaware Online Sports Betting

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Except for Nevada, Delaware sports betting was the first to be launched after the cancellation of the United States Supreme Court’s restriction on sports betting. It was established in 2013 and become one of the best places to play. In the text below you can find all the necessary information about Delaware online sports betting. Interested in the history of gambling legalization or different betting rules? Not a problem. Since now you find out everything about the best bookmaker office in Delaware: Delaware Park Sportsbook, Dover Downs, and Sportsbook Harrington Raceway. There is one obligatory condition of gambling. All the players must be over 21 years old to take part in online or mobile betting. But if you want to try a lottery you have to be at least 18. Nowadays sports betting in Delaware casino is a rather big part of the industry, which is likely to become larger and larger.
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Best Online Sports Betting in Delaware

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Delaware was one of the few states, which had some kind of online betting at the very beginning. Although PASPA restricted the existence of those types of games in any state, there was one way to legalize betting. It could happen if this program was approved within a year of enactment of PASPA in 1992. Originally, only Nevada had single-game betting while Delaware did not at all. But at that time the state lottery suggested a Scoreboard. Scoreboard is an NFL game in a parlay-style, which was canceled in one season, but Delaware was in time. Since that moment betting on sports online in Delaware got less restricted PASPA conditions. In 2009 Delaware tried to use it to get sports betting online Delaware legit for real. The government took this bill into the consideration, and within a year Jack Markell signed the law. But then the MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA, and NHL went to the court with a requirement to turn down the law, which lets the state organize legal sports betting in Delaware. They thought that because of this law Delaware would expand this kind of game beyond the state’s territory, which would be forbidden by PASPA. Although all these efforts turned out to be unsuccessful Delaware did not repeal the 2009 law. Lately, in 2017, there appeared another difficulty. The law of the 2009 year could be reviewed only if Supreme Court decided in favor of Net Jersey. Court did make this and PASPA was turned down as unconstitutional one. At that time Delaware happened to be the fastest and since that moment sports betting in Delaware casino became legal. Even New Jersey was not so rapid. In 2018 John Carney made a first legal bet on Philadelphia Phillis out of Nevada since he was a real fan of them. John ben $10 against Chicago Cubs when the odds were +200. The first bet out of Nevada won and let Carney obtain $20 as winnings. Nowadays sports betting in Delaware is completely legal as well as in Nevada. There are many big bookmaker offices in every casino available to any gambler.

Sports Betting in Delaware

As we have mentioned below, Delaware was the second after Nevada to legalize online betting. There is a long history connected with this event, but finally, Delaware managed to do it. Nowadays every casino has its own full-fledged office of bookmakers. There are only three land-based casinos in the state. Here there are Dover downs sportsbook, Delaware Park Sportsbook, and Harrington Raceway. All of them can offer players legal NFL betting. Besides, there are no special options for bettors in the gaming world, but it is likely to appear soon. To get an opportunity to wager every person has to authorize and accept all the rules. There is no other way. Now let’s take a closer look at places, where you can find the best legal online sports betting Delaware. The first one is Delaware Park Sportsbook, which was launched on June 5, 2018. It offers you self-service terminals for betting and more than before teller lines. It is located on the second floor of the casino side. You will have no problem with finding it. Numerous kinds of games are proposed to each client in Delaware Park online sports betting. Players are allowed to play on it at a special time, every Friday and Saturday between 6 pm and 2 am. Also, from Monday to Saturday 11 am – 11 pm, and on Sunday from 10 am to 11 pm. Except for modern teller lines and terminals, Delaware Park provides gamblers with exact odds.

There is a possibility to get a wager sheet, which will be available to everyone all the time. But there is one condition, these sheets can be used only online. At that time Delaware sports betting cards will be available even in the Sportsbook area as well. For sports wagering, you must be over 21 years old while for betting on racing your age can be at least 18. Delaware Park sports betting football and sports are available. As it was mentioned earlier, Delaware Park NFL sports betting is available too. As for Delaware Park sports betting mobile, you can bet using only international sites. Although, the mobile version will likely be launched soon because of the great demand. For getting more information there is the Delaware Park sports betting phone number on the site. The second place in Delaware, where you can wager is Dover Downs. Visiting is allowed in special hours: from Monday to Saturday 12 pm – 8 pm, and on Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm. This schedule is based on demand, which is why it is flexible to change. Parlay cards are available each week starting from Wednesday at the time of the football match. Wagering sheets, you can find them online at the special link. As well as in Delaware Park, the age for betting on horse racing is 18, and for sport, betting is at least 21. But the bottom line is that Dover Downs offers both of them, that is why you can not enter it if you are under 21 years of age. Mobile or online sports betting is legal in Delaware now, but none of them has been launched yet. That means that you can not do it without using international betting sites. The great news is that all that sites provide full-service betting so you can even compare the odds of the Dover Downs and choose the best for you.

This sportsbook can boast about another feature – live betting. Bettors have an opportunity to wager in real-time while all the show is happening with their own eyes. If they see who is going to win, they can bet on that within the game. Here we come to the last sportsbook available for gamblers in Delaware – Sportsbook Harrington Raceway, which was launched in 2018. As well as other places, there are hours of playing: daily from 11 am to midnight, but on Friday and Saturday 24 hours. Remember, that betting tickets or cash are not given after 11 pm. The schedule can change during a season of football. It is open from 10 am to midnight. Nowadays Harrington Raceway and Casino may offer you a full set of sports betting. Gamblers have an opportunity to wager on professional and college basketball, football, or professional baseball. Also, in the list of sports are golf, auto racing, and even soccer. To get full access to the betting you must be strictly over 21. As for full-service sports betting, Sportsbook Harrington Raceway provides clients with it too, but with some limits, you should be aware of. You still can bet on different sports, such as college and professional basketball and football, golf, auto racing, and hockey with soccer. Also, professional baseball is available too, but college one is not. As for the mobile version, there is no licensed casino app, as well as for Delaware Parks casino sports betting, but it may appear in the nearest future. Delaware lottery sports betting cards are available in each of these sportsbooks.

Delaware Does Not Yet Allow Online Sports Betting

You may have a question: is online sports betting legal in Delaware? There is no need to worry since it is completely legal in Delaware. Despite it, one problem exists. Currently, there are no bookmakers. It does not mean that retail sports betting is not offered to players. You can find it in three different sports betting locations in Delaware. But they all belong to one bookmaker. Before 2018 Delaware sports betting casinos suggested only one version, a scaled-down one. Since that moment it has greatly grown. Nowadays there is no online or mobile betting, but will Delaware sports betting go online? It is likely to happen one day, but there is no certain information about it. It is needed to solve some issues to allow this kind of betting. The short time from Murphy to the day of launching wagering in the state does not support establishing mobile or online versions. Since Delaware is eager to be the first between other states for wagering it is likely that this kind of betting will be launched there as soon as possible.

Who May Bet in Delaware

Delaware online sports betting is legal to players at the age of at least 21 years old as well as in other states. Otherwise, you are illegal. There is one more feature of online sports betting in Delaware. The players have to be physically in the state during wagering. You can not play any online game if you are out of the state at that time. Also, there is such a game as Delaware lottery sports betting, which has a bit different rules and lows. If you want either to get a ticket or to scratch a card, you have to be at least 18 years old. Online casino or poker players have to be 18 too for gambling legally. But at that time online or mobile sports bettors can not gamble under the age of 21.

DE Sports Betting Rules

Betting is rather popular in that state even if there are no strict Delaware sports betting rules for gamblers. But there is one restriction on sports betting Delaware online, which can not be broken. No one can bet on athletic teams of in-state colleges. The most famous college teams are Delaware State University and the University of Delaware. But you still can bet on any sport competition as well as usual. Although there is no professional sports team there are many popular teams well-known to every player in that part of the country. Delaware sports betting online covers all kinds of sport. It means that you can meet Delaware sports betting basketball as well as Delaware football sports betting. All these professional sports you can find at the Delaware betting market available for any gambler. It means that you can do bets on whatever you want to. Everything is safe and well-checked since there is a gaming license and the question is sports betting legal in Delaware is out of consideration.

Online casino gaming in Delaware

According to Delaware sports betting law, this state was the first after Nevada to have any casino game. Even New Jersey was one step back to suggest it before. In 2013 some versions of online betting became available for all adults. Online poker was legalized in June 2012, when Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act was signed up. The Delaware Lottery Commission monitors gambling of every online sports betting Delaware Park since everything has to be according to the law. There are only three land-based casinos, which are operated under strict control. All of them suggest to players numerous slots, poker, or even table games with one condition. Gamblers must be at least 21 years old to take part in playing. Also, they need physically stay in the state, otherwise, they are not allowed to gamble. Nowadays, every casino has its own bookmaker, but we can name the best of them: Delaware Park Sportsbook, Dover Downs, and Sportsbook Harrington Raceway. Eventually, online poker made a lot of efforts to legalize all types of online games, including betting. This kind of game was working steadily in 2019 as well as years before. Poker fees brought to the state from $20000 to $30000 each month in 2019. Because of it, online poker has become the main force in the process of legalization of online betting in Delaware. In the shortest time, sports betting in Delaware locations have all chances to get legal both as online and mobile version. That is why the question is online sports betting legal in Delaware will be solved as soon as possible.


  • How old do you need to be to bet in Delaware?

    You have to be at least 21 years old for Delaware sports betting. But if you want to try luck in any lottery, your age has to be at least 18 years old. Otherwise, it will be illegal to take part in online sports betting Delaware.

  • When will sports betting apps in Delaware launch?

    Nowadays there is no submitted bill for the online Delaware sports betting app, that is why we can not tell any certain information about it. Of course, Delaware casino sports betting is legal as well as retail bookmakers, so go ahead!