Delaware Online Casinos

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Delaware casinos – what is it and how to play in it? You may have such questions, that is why you are reading this article right now. Since now you will learn all about the main rules of playing different games in casinos in Delaware, numerous kinds of them and payment methods, available exactly to you! There are plenty of unreliable casinos, which must not be proposed to any customer, so a list of casinos in Delaware that are on our blacklist will be offered to you too.

What is the legal age for playing? Are betting and lottery available for gamblers? You will find out this and more while reading the text in front of you. Also, at the very end, we have listed the most common questions, which may complete your understanding of Delaware casinos. Moreover, for every beginner, we made a list of must-know games to introduce them to the gaming world. Read on to learn it all.

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Best online casinos in Delaware

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Delaware: Short Summary

It is a well-known fact that Delaware has one of the most supporting and liberal laws for gambling. Here casino gaming was made legal at first in 2012 and it is earlier than in most parts of the world. We made for you small casinos listings for Delaware, where you will find all additional information about any kind of game. Here we describe some common features, which you may face in the future. Gambling in Delaware is fulfilled with minimal oversight fees and is connected with different charitable organizations approved by the state government. Every casino provides customers with opportunities to try betting on racing, like horse racing. Live racing can operate only on the exact season, which is chosen by a casino on their own. You may see racing in the summer, winter, or even autumn. Every gambler is offered to take part not only in blackjack or roulette but even raffles, lottery, betting, etc. Although the minimum age to be able to play is 21, for betting it is only 18, which makes casinos more attractive. Since Delaware is a gambling-friendly state you have a wide variety of payment methods and you can choose any of them. It is a great advantage when playing for real money.

Online Gambling Legality in Delaware

Delaware is the most casino-friendly state in the US, and you may notice it during playing any online game. Most of them became legal only in 2012 and since that moment there were made strict laws and rules. Casinos are regulated and checked by a special organization, that is why all of them provide customers with high quality, convenient conditions, and proper security. As for the legal age for gambling, you have to be 21 years old and more, otherwise, you are breaking the law. It is carefully controlled, that is why there is no way to cheat. But there is good news for you: if you are nearly 21, you can try yourself as a player at horse racing betting since the minimum age there is 18. There is another rule, which can not be ignored. All online casinos have to be tied to a real land-based casino to have the opportunity to work freely. It is a must-do condition if you do to want to be fined. There is a strict rule for players: they have to be authorized. Delaware north casinos look closely to make sure all of the rules are followed. Despite this fact, there is no law forbidding wagering online, thus you can do it without fear of being fined.

What should I know about Online Casinos in Delaware?

Before playing any of the best casinos Delaware you have to know some main information about its rules, laws, and system of gaming. Because the online casino market in Delaware has been around for nearly 10 years, every player has a wide range of legal casino games online. Different providers offer to all the customers Delaware casinos poker, Delaware casinos slots, table, and live games. They operate smoothly, fast and safe since every site is checked and controlled by the Delaware Lottery Commission and the Delaware Gaming Compliance Office. By the way, there are land based casinos in Delaware too, and they all have their own online operating platforms. You may have some problems with finding any of them, so you can still use the Delaware casinos map made especially for such cases. Just choose your location, look through the map and find any casino near you! You can play both for fun and money with a wide range of payment methods and banking providers available. Except for betting and casino games, there is a lottery available for every customer, and it enriches the choice of any casino in Delaware.

Delaware Online Casino Games

Delaware online casinos have indeed a rich range of games proposed to every customer. Of course, all of them have their own rules and system of gambling, but you can get used to it while playing. Games may be divided into two main groups: live and simple online ones. Since you have the opportunity to gamble both via the internet and in land-based casinos, your choice is bigger than ever before. Every game library offers its clients classic or modern kinds of poker, slots, or table games. The last one has a wide variety of items: baccarat, roulette, or blackjack available for you at any moment. There is no permission for live games, thus you will find it in your list of opportunities. During particular times of the year, you can try betting on live racing, which may put you in a truly unique atmosphere, much like what you see in the movies. If it is out-of-season time you can enjoy betting on any other games or wait for the necessary, season to kick off again. There is a lottery available for you any time of the year. Start gambling and see it by yourself!

Payment Options at Delaware Online Casinos

Since top casinos in Delaware let customers play both for fun and real money, they have to provide players with different payment options. That is why you can make numerous deposits, withdrawals, transactions, etc. There is a range of numerous banking methods, such as MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX, which we will describe below. Using them you can play for real money and obtain some winnings. All of these methods provide customers with safety, security, and speed.


MasterCard is an extremely popular payment method nowadays, although the date of its foundation is 1966. We can name a range of reasons, why it has become so famous. First of all, there is a list of twenty-five thousand institutions of finance all over the world in which MasterCard may be represented. This fact lets more people use this method. Despite the greatest rival, Visa, it is still accepted in gambling casinos in Delaware and stores.

Visa is in great demand even despite MasterCard and there is a list of reasons. It is important to mention, that Visa is an extremely fast payment method and you will have no problems with using it since it is easy for beginners. Customers are worried about the safety of their money, that is why Visa takes care of it! After all, the most important thing that Visa is so famous for is its security.

AMEX is known for its fast deposits, which you can make within a few minutes. All this process is incredibly simple and easy, that is why you will handle it without any problem. By the way, there is an opportunity to use it on a mobile phone. Even in that case, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your money since security works effectively thanks to the company’s operators.

Play at a Real Money Casino Delaware Online

Like any exciting casino, Delaware gambling casinos offer every resident an opportunity to play both for fun and real money. The main feature of gambling online at a casino is that you can be completely confident in the security and privacy of operations with Delaware casinos funding and any of your contact information. You will have no problem with gambling in this kind of game, while you have a stable internet connection. Before joining any casino, you should get to know all the necessary information about it. Real money casino operators provide their clients with a wide range of numerous bonuses, promotions, rewards, and other opportunities to earn extra funds. You can use both the website and app for gambling. All you need to do to get the app is to download it on your either phone or computer and sign up there. After you will be able to enjoy extra cash and different bonuses. These casinos also have the only legal betting in DE, so join it right now.

Sports Betting

Sports betting, like any casino game, was forbidden for a long time, and only in 2009, it was legalized by the state of Delaware online casinos. After that one incident happened. The biggest part of the country’s sports leagues indicted Delaware in breaking the federal law. There was a long trial, but the decision was made. Since that moment all Delaware casinos can provide their clients only with express bets. There is one requirement though. The bottom line is that if you want to be paid, there must be two winning bets. Otherwise, you will fail to obtain your winnings. That has not discouraged players at all, and every year more and more people start to gamble. Now there is a range of different kinds of games, such as betting on horse racing, live betting, available for everyone, who want to play. In that case, your age has to be at least 18 to have an opportunity to participate. This allowance increased the number of sports betting and let more people try their luck.

Delaware Lottery

Delaware lottery was founded in 1975 and operates to this day. Nowadays every person, who wants to try his or her luck can just play the lottery. Wagering on it is available for gamblers throughout any year at different casinos, such as Harrington Raceway, Dover Downs, and even Delaware Park. These are the best Delaware casinos offered to you. Delaware Lottery has operated legally for many years, using terms from the 1992 PASPA low. By the way, all customers can not only play but even buy some tickets for themselves and some of their friends to the Mega Millions. Because who doesn’t want to win the big jackpot and live the life from the movies?

Bingo and Raffles

In 2013, Delaware legalized a line of machines for video slots and poker in some veteran clubs. But there are strict requirements. The first condition is that this organization has to have been in work for 75 years and more. Incomes are under some rules too. Around 40% of the entire value has to go to the state. But after it, the owner can not leave the rest to oneself. Over 60% has to be sent to a charitable organization approved by the government. All that charitable business may offer to players different poker tournaments, bingo, raffles, or even bingo tickets. Although rules are rather strict for all operators, players can still find any game they want to try.

Land Casinos in Delaware

How many casinos in Delaware do you expect to find? Let’s take a closer look at all the kinds of casinos, especially the land-based casinos in Delaware with table games. Since casino gambling was legalized only in 2012, there are a lot of new casinos in Delaware, which are certainly worth being discussed. All of them are checked and regulated properly, that is why there is no need for you to worry about your money and the safety of your data.

Let’s start with one of the most popular casinos – the Delaware park racetrack. There is a great completion of numerous games, such as video keno and poker, slots, table games, etc. Live poker is available for you too. Delaware park casinos offer their clients even table games, for example, Three-Card Poker, Blackjack, Chase the Flush, and Roulette. Every customer can enjoy many great bonuses and promotions. There is a deposit bonus of around $100, a rich choice of daily promotions, and numerous rewards for every play. It is a great way to earn some extra money and enjoy your time. You may use both the online site of this casino and its app, which we recommend you download. In some seasons, mostly in warm months, the Delaware park racetrack offers live racing, which you can bet on. When it is not a racing season, you can be provided with betting on offline racing. What about Delaware casinos locations? There are a few restaurants on-site, although no hotel. There are some nearby that are located near Christiana Hilton. If you want to try it, just download the app, sign up, tap, and scroll where you want!

Time to discuss another venue for having fun and earning money – Dover downs. The first thing you will pay attention to is numerous promotions and bonuses for everyone. For example, the deposit bonus’s value is 100%, the sign-up bonus is around $10. The program of rewards is not likely to change in the shortest time, but because of the expansion of Delaware online casinos, it may happen. Dover Delaware casinos have a complement of numerous activities too. Since it is one of Delaware casinos with table games, there is a list of them offered to you. We can name a few: Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Cajun Stud, Four Card Frenzy, and High-Card Flush. You can try over 2,300 slots, dozens of tables for poker, and over forty tables for table games. At this casino, the coldest months are a time for harness racing. The season continues not only in winter but from November to April. If there is no live racing, you still can take part in it because of simulcast racing year-round. There is a special schedule, which is convenient even for night visitors. Also, you may be provided with a hotel, which has over five hundred rooms for guests.

The last one on the best Delaware casinos list is Harrington Racing & Casino. There is a range of great bonuses, promotions, offered from the very beginning. You can get cash in value of around $10 just for signing up. If your deposit is more than $100 you will be given 100% of the amount as a deposit bonus. Harrington casino is a great variant for you if you are going to become a part of the online legal casino world, although the lottery has some restrictions for players, which may make the speed of development a bit slower than it can be without it. If you have never visited Delaware, you can recognize the building of this casino by its last name – Midway Slots. They have no hotel at their disposal, but it is not far from Holiday and Quality Inn. One day it may become one of the casinos near Rehoboth beach Delaware. Harrington casino is smaller than others, and you are offered to play a bit more than 1,700 slots, thirty kinds of table games, and poker rooms for more than 100 persons. Here is a list of available table games: Big Six, Blackjack, Crapless Craps, House Money Blackjack, Four-Card Poker, Roulette, and Three-Card Poker. During the biggest part of the day, simulcast wagering is available for everyone. During the summer months live racing is offered for you but simulcast is available year-round.

Our blacklist of casinos that should not be played

There is a special blacklist made for all the unreliable casinos. The casino may find itself on such a blacklist for several reasons. The first and main reason is that some casinos in the US are illegal. Only legal ones can operate freely. If a casino does not provide you with any bonuses it can lead to our blacklist as well. Best casinos in Delaware have to support their customers otherwise they will be put on the list. Another misleading item that we despise is wrong information. If you are given some false data, you will give up using this source, since it is unreliable. Remember these criteria and play the best online casinos in Delaware.


  • Are Delaware online casinos legal?

    Yes, gambling in Delaware casinos is entirely legal since 2012. Players over 21 years of age are allowed to gamble in three online casinos regulated by the government, which makes gaming more comfortable.

  • What is the legal age for gambling in Delaware?

    The legal age for playing casinos in Delaware is 21. If you are under that age you still can try your luck. There is betting on horse racing available for you if you are at least 18.

  • Can I play casino games on my mobile device?

    Of course, you can! Delaware legalized mobile gaming as well, that is why you can access it if you are in this state. By the way, there is an opportunity to play both for free and real money.

  • Will I Get in Trouble Playing Casino Games Online in Delaware?

    Since the activity of licensed casinos is completely legal, there is no reason for you to get in trouble. There has not been a single such case in the state because of playing Delaware online casinos.