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In the United States, betting on horse racing is one of the oldest gambling entertainment. The players on horse races made the first bets. Therefore, now this entertainment is still in demand among players. There are special horse betting online racetracks in the United States that offer casino services. Thus, the player can place bets and attend events. However, now online horse betting is gaining more and more popularity – special sites for placing bets on horse races. Moreover, there are many mobile applications. They also provide an opportunity to place a bet on a horse, put a deposit into an account, or withdraw money. They are free to download; the player can play and follow the broadcast directly on horse race betting online sites or applications. Below we will tell you in more detail about betting on horse races online, their advantages, basic terms, and concepts. We will highlight the States that accept horse racing bets and find out where to go for a walk in the evening.
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Online horse betting was legal in the United States in 2000. However, since the earliest times, players have been betting on horseracing. The first bets took place back in the 18th century. Players would go to private clubs that offered both casino services and the hippodrome in their arsenal. Some players had their horses and competed among themselves for the title of the best horse. However, in the 20th century, all gambling was prohibited, and only from the end of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century, the state allowed both land-based games and online games. Players actively fought for legalization and argued that casinos and the gambling world can be a source of additional income. Thus, in 2000, online horse race betting sites began to operate, available in states where gambling is legalized.

With the advent of the Internet, all gambling establishments began to create their counterparts in the online gambling industry. Therefore, they were able to attract more players who cannot visit land-based casinos but want to play online entertainment. Moreover, different types of gambling casinos began to appear – those that specialize only in slot machines, some specialize in only one card game – poker rooms. Moreover, there are such as racinos – they combine the services of a casino and a hippodrome. On new online horse betting sites, you can play in casinos and place bets on horse races. With the advent of bitcoins, deposits can also be made using cryptocurrency. These bets allow you to play for high stakes and win big prizes.

How Betting on Horse Racing Works

Horse racing is an equestrian competition. They are held at the hippodrome, a special place with a so-called stadium where spectators can sit and a place where the races are held. Horses of different breeds take part in the race and compete in speed. Horses come in both purebred and mixed breeds. Each of them has its characteristics and characteristics. Some are distinguished by their height, who are distinguished by their muscularity, who have a variety of habits and manners. The essence of horse betting online is that horses must cover a certain distance in a certain time. Usually, this distance is 2 km in 2 minutes. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Mainly 6 horses take part in the race. The player places different bets on different horses and different places. Next, we will focus on how horse racing bets are placed.

There are the simplest bets. They are mainly placed on either one horse, or one place, or three prizewinners. Thus, there are Win, Place, and Show bets. Win is a bet on the winner. The player bets on one horse and believes that it will win the race. The Place bet gives you the opportunity to bet on two horses, which will take first and second places, respectively. For example, the player bets that horse 1 will take first place and horse 6 will take second place. If this happens, then the player wins. In the Show bet, the player can determine the top three winners. For example, the player bets on horse 3 that it will come first, on horse 5 that it will come second, and on horse 2 that it will come third. If the horse race betting online player guesses correctly, then he takes the winnings. If a player applies the boxing bet to his bets, then this allows him to win even in case of inaccuracies. For example, a player may not be able to guess the first place, but get the winnings for the guessed second and third places. This way, beginners have a better chance of winning, even with one mistake.

Bets that are more complex will determine multiple horses or the winner of multiple races in a row. So the player can put Exacta (winners of the first and second places), Trifecta (winners of the first, second, and third places), and Superfecta (winners of the first 4 places). Sometimes players guess the winners of several horse racing online betting races in a row, and then their winnings can increase several times. Such bets are more difficult because sometimes it is difficult to guess one winner, and when making such bets you need to guess several horses and places at once. Thus, the bets are diverse and the player gets a good amount of money for winning.

There are many tournaments and online betting horse racing competitions. They take place in the United States as well as outside of it. Players place bets on noble horses that have trained for this race for years. As a result, the owner of the horse can win huge amounts of money by defeating other horses. Players can follow the tournaments online in special broadcasts, on racino sites or TV, on special channels.

Types of Horse Bets and Wagers

There are many types of racino bets. We have selected the most famous bets for you and decided to discuss their features, and the process of these bets work. Next, we will look at 5 bets and decide which kind of bets allows you to win more by placing bets on online horse betting sites.

  • Straight bets. The simplest bets are straight bets. There are three types of them – win, place, show. The Win bet allows you to determine the winner. Thus, the player bets on one horse, which in his opinion will take first place in the race. This is the simplest but rather lucrative best online horse betting bet. Further, the Place bet allows you to bet on those horses that will take first or second place. So the player bets on two horses, which he believes will take first and second place. In the Show bet, the player can guess more horses. The player can bet on the first three places and guess the three winners. Thus, straight bets are placed on a specific horse and a specific place in one specific race.
  • Whole Board Bets. This type of bet is used as a more complex bet of a combination of straight bets. The player places several bets at once – all three straight bets – Win, Place and Show. Thus, the player is betting that certain horses will occupy certain places. If the first horse wins, then the player takes all winnings from the bets. If only the second place wins, then the player takes the place and shows bets. If only the third place wins, then the player takes the show bet. Such bets are more expensive, but the profit can be higher because the player bets on more places.
  • Exotic bets. Exotic bets include multi-race bets in a row. These bets are divided into horizontal and vertical bets. Horizontal bets include Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta. Exacta is placed on the win and the second place. This is considered the easiest legal horse betting online bet since you only need to guess the first 2 places. Trifecta is placed on the top three predictors. Superfecta guesses the first 4 places. Such a bet is considered very difficult, as it is difficult to guess the order of the horses at the finish of the race. Vertical bets include pick 3, pick 4, pick 6. These bets allow you to determine the winner in several races in a row on the online horse racing betting sites. The number in the bet indicates how many races in a row the player must guess the winner. Such bets also give more winnings, since such a task is difficult. It is difficult to guess the winner in 6 races in a row or to guess which horse will finish the race for which.
  • Boxing and Wheeling Betting. If a player wants to simplify the game and get more chances of winning, then he can use boxing and Wheeling bets. These bets allow you to place multiplayer bets per place. For example, using boxing, players who bet on horse 3 and 5 in the Exacta bet can win if horse 3 comes second and horse 5 comes first. Moreover, in the Wheeling bet, the player can bet on several horses to win, or on several horses in second place on the horse racing online betting sites. This makes it easier for gamblers to win and such strategies are best suited for beginners who can hedge their bets.
  • Keying horses. For each race, the player identifies a key horse for himself. For him, it is the favorite in the race of online betting on horse racing. For such a bet to be played, the horse must come first, and other bets are not as important as the execution of this one. For this bet, the player can get more money. Thus, a mixture of different rates appears. The player can on bet key trifecta or key exacta. Then his winnings will be greater if the key horse wins.

Many people wonder is online horse betting legal. Fortunately, about 30 states have legal sites to accept horseracing bets. Each state has an online racino policy; some state only allows playing in local establishments, while others are more loyal and allow foreign racino activities too. A special program that determines him by geolocation calculates the player’s location. Thus, the browser only shows those racinos that are available on the player’s territory. However, such access to racino is everywhere, and in the west, and the south, and the east, and the north. In every state where gambling is permitted, you can find at least one online racino and bet on horse racing.

There is also a universal way to bet on horse racing, which is available in all states where gambling is permitted. TVG horse betting online is an online service for broadcasting horse races, but the player can also place bets there. By watching the race live, the player can place bets and adjust them. In front of him are the statistics of victories and the characteristics of each horse, and he can draw the appropriate conclusions and bet on the horse that he liked the most. Thus, the service allows not only watching the races but also placing bets and learning new information about the ongoing races. This is very convenient, because if there is no racino in the state, then you can go to TVG horse racing and online betting and start placing bets on the races.

Horse Racing Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Racino, like online casinos, has a bonus policy. Bonuses are incentive prizes that the player can use, but which must be wagered later. This policy includes many types of bonuses – from welcome bonuses to loyalty program services on the best online horse racing betting sites. Next, we will try to tell you more about the most popular racino bonuses.

  • Bonus for the corresponding deposit. When a player makes a deposit to place bets, the casino or bookmaker offers its customers deposit bonuses. Most gambling establishments give bonuses for the first deposit and several subsequent deposits. Thus, racino rewards players for deposits and helps them start betting and playing for high stakes.
  • Risk-free first bet. Apart from the deposit bonuses, horse racing betting online USA players usually get their first win-win bet. This is done so that players can win the first time and hope for the next winnings as well. Thus, the player receives the winnings and begins to understand the basic principles of horseracing. Next time he already knows how to bet correctly. This is how racino helps new players adapt to the site.
  • Promotions. Racino offers many promotions so that players can receive bonuses for certain actions. Thus, having made a certain number of bets, the horse racing betting online legal player can participate in the promotion and receive an additional prize for his bets. There are many types of different promotions. They should be read separately in the relevant sections.
  • Loyalty rewards. Many racinos have a VIP loyalty program. A regular player and horse racing lover can become a member of such a program and receive bonuses for reaching a certain level. For each level, certain rewards are given that the player can use in betting on the races. VIP clients always get more from racino, especially if they are regular clients of the horse betting sites online.

How to deposit at a horse race betting site

To deposit in an online racino, a player must have a specific payment method that the racino supports. Among the most popular types of payment methods are credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid cards. We will discuss these payment methods in more detail below.

  • Credit cards Visa or MasterCard. These cards are the most popular way to deposit in racino. Most players use cards to fund their accounts. Money can also be transferred using the mobile application of the bank that issued the card to the player. Thus, the player does not need to go anywhere to make a deposit and place a bet on his favorite horse on the best online horse betting site.
  • Electronic wallets. With the help of e-wallets, players can make a deposit using a mobile device and start playing. There are many types of them, but they are all similar in their mobility and speed of processing requests. Transferring money to a racino account takes only a few seconds.
  • Prepaid cards. Such cards are popular with independent players who do not like cooperation with banks. Players make deposits in special stores, replenishing the card for the desired amount. This way, players are independent of banks and can make a deposit whenever they want.

Horse betting apps

Many gamblers like to place bets from their mobile devices on safe online horse betting. Therefore, many racinos are available online in mobile versions or mobile applications. We have selected 5 of the most famous applications that a player can download and start betting on horse racing. Do not forget that you can use mobile versions of sites if there is no version for your operating system.

  • Amwager. The application is a popular online racino for players. It allows you to place bets on live broadcasts, watch these live broadcasts and watch horses live. In front of the player, several tabs are divided into several important categories – bets, cashier, about the site, live broadcasts. In each of the tabs, the race horse betting online player can learn something new for himself and adjust his bets on horse racing.
  • Nyra Bets. This application was late by the New York City Association, but is now used around the world. Players can place bets, follow live streams, make deposits and receive bonuses online. The mobile application has the same functionality as the computer analogue of the application. The player can download the app from the official website or app stores.
  • 4NJBETS / TVG. The most famous racino is TVG online horse betting. Unfortunately, this application is available only for owners of phones with iOS systems. However, owners of Android smartphones can use the mobile version of the site using a browser. In this application, the player can place bets, watch live horse racing, receive bonuses, and make deposits.
  • Hollywood Races. The mobile app is available for both operating systems, which is an advantage. Players can place bets on the online race horse betting, keep track of the race schedule, watch them online, make deposits and withdraw winnings. All this is possible online right on your mobile device. You can register directly in the application or use your username and password to enter the application.
  • Xpressbet. This application is available for both systems, which is a plus. The player can place bets, watch online betting horse racing legal broadcasts, and much more. In the cashier section, the player must register his funds, and then he must make a deposit, and after winning, withdraw money. All this is possible in the Xpressbet mobile application.

Where can I watch the races?

There are many places to watch horse racing. Unfortunately, this cannot always be observed live, so many services can show the player the races. Next, we will talk about different ways to watch the races, both live and online. All of them are available and free for players.

  • At the Track. The most obvious way to watch the races is by visiting the hippodrome. In the city where the player lives, he can find a racetrack where horse races take place. Arriving there, he can place a bet and go to the racetrack to watch the horse race. However, not all cities have racetracks, so online horse betting usa broadcasts are the best substitute.
  • On TV. Sometimes there are professional horse races on TV, which you can watch and, most importantly, place bets on. On special sports channels, players can watch the races and worry about their bets. However, the player needs to connect the required service package, which can provide broadcasts of these channels at his home.
  • Via Simulcast. This technology is used to broadcast events on well-known resources, for example, YouTube, Facebook, or other live horse betting online popular networks. The broadcaster must have an agreement to broadcast on his channel and not transmit the broadcast to third parties, but use it only for distribution to viewers.
  • OTB Venues. Such places are land-based casinos or bookmakers. A large group of people gathers in one place and simultaneously watches the legal online horse race betting broadcast of the required race. Thus, players can gather at ground-based establishments and watch the broadcast of interest. Such venues usually have many monitors to broadcast many sporting events at the same time.
  • Streaming Live. Live streaming is the easiest way to watch a race. The player can find the racino website or a separate link to the broadcast of the race on the Internet and follow what is happening. Such broadcasts are available on most online racinos and even their respective mobile applications.

Biggest horse races across the US

In the United States, there is the US Triple Crown. This is the name of three legal online horse betting USA competitions, which are considered the most prestigious and most famous in the United States. In the following sections, we will tell you about each competition and christen their main features.

  • Kentucky Derby. This competition is the first of a trio and is held on the first Saturday in May in Kentucky. The race takes place on mud and is almost 2 km long. The prize fund is $ 3 million. This competition is very prestigious and many players place bets on it. Players are interested in watching what is happening and 2 minutes of the race turns into an unforgettable adventure of emotions and excitement. Players win a lot by placing bets on free online horse betting games. Therefore, many players even come especially to the racetrack to become part of the event and feel the adrenaline that happens at the racetrack.
  • Preakness Stakes. This race is considered the second in a row after the Kentucky Derby and takes place on the third Saturday in May. The jump takes place in Baltimore and invites many players to watch the action. Horse Racing is also carried out on dirt and has a distance of more than 2 km. Horses are given two minutes to cover this distance. Many players bet on this competition and win big money. Players also come to the competition to watch the horse race online betting live and feel the atmosphere of excitement. It is much more interesting to watch the races, being at the racetrack and worrying with the rest of the players.
  • Belmont Stakes. These are the last races of the top three. They take place three weeks after the second race, in mid-June. The prize fund is over $ 2 million. Horses must run over 2 km in mud in two minutes. Thousands of players from all over the country and from all over the world come to watch this fascinating spectacle. Many players want to visit this final stage and feel the excitement and adrenaline coming from other players who gamble for big money. Thus, these 3 competitions are a whole event that lasts a month and gives their winners huge winnings.

Where Can You Bet on Horse Races Online in the US?

In the online horse betting legal states, for almost every letter of the alphabet, the player can play online horse racing. The player can choose horse racing in Alabama and Arkansas. Residents of states with the letter C will also be happy, because in California, Colorado, Connecticut racino is legal. In Delaware and Florida, players can watch the races and place bets on their favorite horses on the best online betting sites for horse racing. In I and K states, a player can go to their respective casinos or bookmakers and make a deposit to play horse racing bets. These states are Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Kentucky. In Louisiana and other states, gambling is common with the letter M, including betting on horseracing. In New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, residents of these states can go online to horseracing or racetrack sites and watch what is happening live. At Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, players will also be pleased to know that horse racing betting is available online. There is only a small part left – to find a good legal casino or racino that offers online horse racing bets and horse betting games online. Remember that each state has its laws regarding the operation of casinos and bookmakers. Therefore, first, familiarize yourself with the laws of your state and play legally online racino.

Horse racing breeds

While most horses are the same for many people, for professional players, horse breed matters a lot when placing a bet. Several breeds differ in both the appearance and character of the horse. Therefore, we would like to draw attention to their differences and outline their features.

  • Thoroughbred Horses. Thoroughbred horses are the product of a long selection of the best Thoroughbred horses. There are some representatives whose ancestors lived in the 18th century. They are considered the best and most expensive horses in the world. They are specially bred and trained for races in tournaments and competitions. They differ in their appearance, the idea of ​​short stature, and stately posture.
  • Standardbred Horses. These breeds are a mixture of both purebred horses and regular horses. They participate in carriage races and hardly participate in high-level tournaments. They do not need such scrupulous care and therefore the costs for them are lower. However, they are still considered worthy horses that can win big races on the best rated online horse race betting sites.
  • Arabian Horses. This horse breed has roots in the Middle East. She has a short stature and is adapted for long races. Such horses are distinguished by their stateliness and obstinate character. These horses are expensive and require special care. Although they do not take part in world professional competitions, they are still considered an expensive and valuable breed.
  • Quarter Horses. These horses came to the United States from Spain. They are a mixture of purebred and regular horses. Moreover, the name for their breed came from the races in which they took part. The races were a quarter-mile long. Therefore, they are used to calling such a breed. Among their distinctive features can be found short stature, muscularity, a difficult character for training. However, they are still used in free horse betting online races, but not as professional.


Blinkers – special devices that are put on a horse so that it does not see anything other than the path along which it should run.

  • Colt – a male horse.
  • Daily Double – a bet in which the player selects the winners of two races.
  • Furlong – a measure of length that is about 1/8 of a mile.
  • Exacta – a bet on the winner and the second place winner.
  • Filly – female horse
  • Gelding – a horse that has been castrated
  • Grade – a category that determines the quality of the horses in the race.
  • Handicap – adding weight to the best horses
  • Harness Racing – a special type of race where jockeys are in special carts behind the horses
  • OTB – bets outside the racetrack.
  • Post Position – the position of the horse before the start of the race
  • Pari-Mutuel – dividing the winnings to the number of players who guessed the winner
  • Pick 6 – a bet on all 6 horses
  • Purse – prize money
  • Simulcast – broadcasts of races at other racetracks
  • Superfecta – a bet on finding the first 4 places in the correct sequence
  • Trotting – a ban on the use of a gallop by a horse
  • Trifecta – a bet on the determination of the first, second and third prizewinners.


  • Is racing betting legal in states that do not have active racetracks?

    Yes, such bets are considered legal, although the races themselves take place in other states or countries. This allows players to place bets on overseas horse racing on the legal online horse betting sites.

  • What is the minimum age to bet on races online?

    A player must be at least 21 years old to place bets on horse racing.

  • What states allow online horse racing?

    About 30 states allow betting on horseracing and actively run races in their state.

  • How do I deposit at online racebooks?

    These applications are easy to deposit as they are mostly mobile and easy to use.