Michigan Sports Betting

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Sports betting in Michigan gains momentum. More and more gamblers recognize the opportunities of Michigan sports betting. They do not want to lose the opportunities to raise money with their favorite sports. The best thing is that the industry is rapidly developing. This boom is especially relevant after the recent change in the state’s gambling regulations. Sportsbooks offer attractive odds, bonuses, and wagering opportunities to attract as many players as it is possible. Sounds attractive? If the answer is positive, get prepared to trying luck with sportsbooks in Michigan. Everything is quite simple, but when it comes to money, it is always better to know more about sports betting Michigan. In this article, we will outline the most important points you have to consider before gambling with sportsbooks in Michigan. We will also respond to some popular questions, such as: “is sports betting legal in Michigan?”
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There is a rather sophisticated history of Michigan sports betting legislation. In particular, the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act of 1996 prohibited sports betting in most territories of the state. For a long time, sports betting was available for gamblers only in the territories of Native Americans, which were popular casino destinations all around the state. People could also try luck sports betting in Michigan casinos (there were only 3 with such offers).  Meanwhile, the demand for sports betting was overwhelming in the city. Many players traveled across the St. Claire river, which flows near Detroit, the state’s biggest city, in order to try luck in Canada. They could not get a definite answer to the question, “is Michigan going to legalize sports betting?” Fortunately, recent years brought Michigan a great breakthrough. At the end of 2019, Michigan legalized sports betting. In 2020, local authorities adopted another historical legislation. A new Michigan sports betting bill makes such a type of gambling legal all around the state. It fully came into action only at the beginning of 2021, opening the world of unlimited sports betting to the state’s citizens. The only legal requirement for people that want to try this attraction in Michigan is being older than 21 years.

Sports betting in Michigan

As has been already mentioned, legal sports betting Michigan is available since 2020. Since 2021, online sports betting legal in Michigan. Surely, it led to a significant boom in the industry. More and more people are attracted by the opportunity to feel the heat of betting. There are also those who are just into specific sports and want to make their experience with the biggest athletic events even more exciting.

Michigan sports betting online industry is rapidly developing as more and more resources appear to offer players an even greater selection of events, promotions, and other winning opportunities. Along with the growing interest in traditional betting, many platforms introduce fantasy competitions. Those are virtual competitions where users can try luck winning some real money. Most gamblers in Michigan play fantasy sports during the gaps in traditional events. Since analytical skills and logical thinking value a lot in sports betting, such attractions allow people not to lose their skills during pauses in athletic seasons.

Are you interested in sports betting in Michigan? Well, everything is quite simple. There is an immense selection of platforms that allow you to place bets on either real events or fantasy competitions. The key point is to find the right platform with the fastest payouts, the most attractive coverage of events, and the best odds. Fortunately, you are in the right place. We have great experience in sports betting and analytics and can recommend you some of the most attractive platforms available for the citizens of Michigan. Our shortlist includes the industry veterans FanDuel, BetMGM, BetRivers, and Draft Kings. Surely, this is our subjective list, but these platforms are the ones that enjoy the biggest popularity in Michigan. Let’s discuss industry leaders and their sportsbooks in more detail.

Top sportsbooks in Michigan

Now that you know the answer to the question “is online sports betting legal in Michigan,” let’s go to some of the greatest industry picks in this state.


It is one of the most popular platforms in the industry. Draftkings offers its users more than 1000 ways to bet. This platform has an impressive selection of fantasy events that will satisfy the most demanding users. Also, this sportsbook moves beyond traditional betting. It offers additional opportunities to get rewards by offering you a massive list of promotions. There are even missions with material benefits for their successful completion. Finally, Draftkings provides its clients with a very convenient payment system. Regardless of your payment provider and app, you will have a single wallet at Draftkings. For sure, it is a great choice for getting things easier.


It is a very popular platform among citizens of Michigan. FanDuel offers a great selection of events to choose from. The website is also rich in diverse promotions connected to specific athletic competitions. It means that the list of promotions constantly changes along with diverse competitions and events. FanDuel is also known for a very responsive support team and quite simple rules that make it an attractive choice for industry newcomers. Apart from betting on sports, users can try luck in the online casino provided by FanDuel. The diversity of provided by this website methods for winning money truly impresses.


This website is a real industry legend. William Hill is popular worldwide, and Michigan is not an exception. This sportsbook provides a remarkable diversity of events to bet on. It also offers the users many attractive odds and is known for the remarkable transparency. Apart from such valuable essentials, this sportsbook offers convenient and fast payouts. Its mobile app is also known as one of the industry’s top picks. It is evident that these guys are focused on preserving their exclusives status. Such an aspiration makes them pursue top-notch quality everywhere it is possible.


This online platform offers users a remarkable selection of events from diverse leagues, including college and even amateur levels. BetMGM provides its clients with a very convenient in use mobile application, which is available on both Android and iOS devices. What makes BetMGM even more attractive for users is its great selection of bonuses, including welcome bonuses and no deposit promotions. Also, the luckiest players may receive a remarkable match bonus, which can reach up to $1000. Finally, BetMGM grants gamblers from Michigan timely and convenient withdrawals, which is also an important benefit of this sportsbook.


This sportsbook is connected to the famous in many states chain of luxury hotels and casinos, Golden Nugget. It means that managers of Golden Nugget aim to show their platform’s luxurious status everywhere it is possible. Golden Nugget provides sports betting enthusiasts with a great selection of events to bet on. The platform also provides attractive bonuses for both newcomers and more experienced and loyal users. Golden Nugget also has several unique features that distinguish the platform from the competitors. In particular, it provides gamblers with such features as Golden Lines (daily odds boost), Parlay Boost, and Match Tracker (a live in-game betting innovation).


PointsBet is notable for its great focus on horse racing. This sportsbook provides an impressive list of betting options, which makes it a heaven for users interested in racing sports. Surely, you may also try luck with many other classic sports while using the application of PointsBet. Another important feature of this platform is its unique betting system. While trying luck with PointsBet, you no longer rely on fixed odds. Instead, your wins depend on your score received according to the sportsbook’s unique betting system. Although it may sound a bit sophisticated, you may easily adapt to such a system. Also, some players claim that the points system brings better chances of winning.


BetRivers is one of the most popular betting establishments in Michigan. This sportsbook offers its users a great number of ways to win money. BetRivers has a great selection of bonus codes. Those codes can be used to increase wins or get instant material rewards. Also, BetRivers has a responsive support team and a simple for newcomers system. Finally, this sportsbook has a reputation as a reliable destination for betting enthusiasts. All payouts with BetRivers are very convenient and fast.

Now, let’s discuss the most popular Michigan online sports betting competitions.

NFL Betting in Michigan

The NFL is one of America’s most legendary sports. Surely, it is very popular among sports betting online Michigan enthusiasts. Many fans place bets just to have an additional reason for excitement while watching their favorite teams. The NFL is where real stars and legends rise. Surely, there are enough talented athletes to bring unexpected results and help you win attractive sums of money. Meanwhile, the most experienced players can sometimes predict sensational results, which brings them impressive prizes. For sure, wagering on NFL games is a valuable tradition for many people in Michigan.

NHL Betting in Michigan

Michigan is a home state for one of the NHL’s most legendary teams. Detroit Red Wings was among the original teams that played in the NHL in the 1940s-1950s. Moreover, with 11 Stanley Cups, it is known as one of the most successful clubs in the league’s history. Surely, this factor makes the National Hockey League extremely popular among citizens of Michigan. They like to place bets on the biggest hockey games. While ice hockey is a very unpredictable sport, strong analytical skills and attention to detail can bring betters great money.

NBA Betting in Michigan

NBA is known as one of the favorite competitions among the enthusiasts of legal sports betting in Michigan. While basketball remains a rather unpredictable sport, experienced gamblers recognize various repetitive patterns in many matches. Citizens of Michigan know many great success stories related to the NBA. It makes them try luck with this sport and place some risky bets on matches of their favorite teams. For sure, it adds excitement to their experience with one of the world’s greatest sports shows, which is the NBA.

MLB Betting in Michigan

Baseball is one of America’s most iconic sports. This game has a long history, full of traditions and legends. Admirers of baseball from Michigan can try luck placing bets on their favorite teams. Mind that there are many sensations in this sport, which makes baseball a perfect choice for those gamblers that seek adrenaline and memorable emotions. The luckiest and the smartest betting enthusiasts can raise great money with a game where each touchdown makes the difference.

NCAA Betting in Michigan

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is where future legends of America’s most prominent sports rise. Matches at this level are much less predictable because athletes are often driven by a pure passion. It means higher risks, but it also brings much higher chances of winning truly remarkable sums of money. There are numerous great NCAA teams in Michigan, where local male or female students fight for glory and promotion to the highest level in different sports. For sure, NCAA offers lots of Michigan Internet sports betting opportunities. Some of them even perceive weekend bets as a very stable and fruitful tradition.

How to start betting at Michigan sportsbooks

The instruction for the citizens of Michigan who want to try luck in sports betting is quite simple. First of all, you have to choose a sportsbook that suits you the most. Focus on the provided odds, reputation, and the convenience of the provided interface. Usually, such apps can be downloaded from the official website of a sportsbook. Surely, you can place bets from your computer without even downloading the application. Still, we recommend you to use a mobile app because it is way more convenient. After all, you will go for some real money at any time and from any place.

Also, make sure to create an account on the chosen betting platform. Usually, it is quite a simple procedure during which you have to indicate your full name, residence, age, and essential payment data. Once you have created an account, you are officially welcomed to the club. You can place bets and receive bonuses from your chosen sportsbook. Also, do not forget to claim your welcome bonus. At some websites, they are truly impressive.

The next step is to place a deposit. You have to choose a payment method that suits you the most and choose the amount of money you want to use as a deposit. Once all these steps are completed, proceed with the events provided by the sportsbook. Analyze the performance of teams and athletes, place bets, win remarkable sums of money, and conveniently withdraw them. Mind that you can place bets in advance or go for money during live events. Everything depends on your vision and preferences. The world of sportsbooks is open for you!

Best Michigan sports betting apps

There are multiple sportsbooks in the state, but there are also some sports betting Michigan rules that prevent their numbers from growing even bigger. In particular, Michigan online betting platforms have to be tied to 3 commercial casino operators or 12 federally recognized ones. Each one among those operators can run only one online sports betting Michigan platform. A sportsbook application can be integrated with its respective online casino or poker website.

The list of the most popular Michigan sports betting app variants includes:

  • FanDuel application;
  • William Hill mobile app;
  • DraftKings app;
  • BetMGM application;
  • A mobile app of BetRivers.

In most cases, sports betting apps Michigan are available for both Android and iOS. They are convenient in use, stable, and will not take too much place on your device. Surely, the main benefit of such attractions is their accessibility, which is especially valuable for those who prefer playing with live events.

Sportsbook bonuses in Michigan

There are three most common types of bonuses available for the enthusiasts of sports betting Michigan state.

  • Free bets. With such bets, you have nothing to lose since you do not play for real money. Instead, you bet for a certain amount and receive a prize only after fulfilling the wagering requirements. Mind that different sportsbooks have distinctive wagering requirements.
  • Bonuses to deposits. Many platforms provide attractive bonuses to their clients. Usually, it goes about a certain amount of money awarded to newcomers (welcome bonus). There are also bonuses to those users that fulfill certain sportsbook requirements or use bonus codes for claiming no deposit bonuses. Mind that such bonuses can be claimed only if you meet certain wagering requirements.
  • Win-win bets. Those are specified by a sportsbook risk-free bets. In this case, you lose nothing and can claim a net gain without any wagering requirements (it depends on the bookmaker).

Michigan sports betting revenue

Citizens of Michigan really like to feel the heat of gambling and betting. Perhaps, the point is that online sportsbooks had been prohibited here for so long. As a result, many locals became hungry for such attractions. The results are outstanding – Michigan brings bookmakers impressive revenues. Want more specific details? Michigan sports betting news show that in 2020, the overall amount of money officially wagered in Michigan was $359.5 million. Such great numbers show why this state is such a desirable destination for bookmakers.

Mind that such estimates do not include online betting, which became available for the citizens of Michigan only in 2021. There are sound reasons to expect tremendous growth in the revenues of sportsbooks operating in Michigan. All in all, Michigan has the full potential to become the most profitable state for American sportsbooks within the nearest future. What does it mean? If you are lucky enough to live in Michigan, you’re in the right place for some real sports betting. Great gambling companies and books will never miss the opportunity to capture the market of this state by creating more and more opportunities for players like you.

Banking options at Michigan

The list of banking options available to players in Michigan is quite similar to the ones you can find in other states. All such methods are safe, while the main differences are in their convenience and time required for a transaction. The list of the most common payment options includes:

  • eCheck/ACH Transfer. It is a traditional money transfer involving the Automated Clearing House Network. The money is brought to the payee’s bank account. The main benefit of such an approach is safety and convenience. Unfortunately, it can also take much time (more than one week).
  • PayPal. It is secure and simple in the use payment system. The withdrawal will take around 2-3 days.
  • Credit/Debit Cards. A very convenient payout method that allows you to receive money directly to your credit or debit card. Depending on circumstances, it may take from 1 to 3 days on average.
  • Skrill/Neteller. Those are popular alternatives to PayPal. Such payments take around 1-3 days, but you should also mind that there are some fees.
  • Prepaid cards. It is a very popular option when it comes to placing a deposit. Such a card has a fixed monetary value that is not linked to a given bank account.

Live betting at Michigan sportsbooks

Live bets are becoming increasingly popular in Michigan. In particular, they compose one of the fastest-growing industry segments in the state. What is the point of such attractions? You can bet on specific events while they are already running. It means checking the stats or watching the flow of the game live and making decisions on its basis. For example, if you are experienced enough, you may analyze the tactics of two basketball teams in the first quarter of the game and predict their tactics in the following quarters. If you understand the tactics, you understand the game and can make the most accurate predictions. At least, that’s what they say. Anyway, live plays in sportsbooks give you great opportunities to feel the real heat while watching your favorite athletic events.

What types of sports bets can I make in Michigan?

Sports betting Michigan platforms provide an impressive diversity of bet types for gamblers. The most notable ones are the following:

  • Single-game bets. In this case, you place a bet of any type on a specific event. In this case, there are fixed odds assigned to each probable event in any game. If you manage to predict the event correctly, the amount you bet is calculated in accordance with such odds. In general, everything is quite simple in this common type of betting.
  • Teaser bets. In this case, you can combine your bets on two different games. There is also an opportunity to adjust the way in which the points are spread for the two games. The main issue with such attractions is that you will have lower wins or have to wager your prize.
  • Moneyline bets. In this case, you place a simple bet on the team that has to win in a specific match. If you manage to predict the outcome, your win is calculated in accordance with the odds associated with the victory of this team.
  • Parlays. Those are, perhaps, the most popular bets. In this case, you wager on two or more events combined into one. At some sportsbooks, you may add as many events as you want to the parlay, which will significantly increase the odds. What does it mean? You will get an opportunity to raise a remarkable sum of money even with minimum investment. The main drawback of parlays is that they tend to be very unpredictable. Even if you fail to anticipate a single event on a long list, the entire parlay fails and you will not receive any money.
  • Proposition bets. This type involves wagering on a specific event that does not affect the outcome of the game directly. This type of gambling is called spot-fixing. For example, you may bet on the fact that a team will score first in the match. It does not mean that this team will necessarily win. Instead, you just fix a specific event and can get a reward long before the match is over.
  • Straight bets. It is one more popular type of bet among gamblers in Michigan. The key point is in placing a bet on a specific game. A straight bet involves a point spread, a total, or a moneyline. The most popular bets of this type involve point spreads in which you, basically, determine the distance in the score between the favorite and the underdog in the match.
  • Over-under. In this case, you wager on a specific statistical point. Usually, it goes about the combined score of the two teams. For example, you may bet that two ice hockey teams will score less than 6 goals. It means that you will lose once any team scores the sixth goal in the game.

Mind that there are even more types of Michigan sports betting options. The above-mentioned ones are just the most popular.

Can I use my online account outside Michigan?

If you think that you can use your online account in a sportsbook outside of Michigan, we have some bad news for you. Casino sports betting Michigan laws only apply within state lines. It means that you will not be able to use the services of a licensed Michigan bookmaker once you cross the borders of the state. The principle is simple: if you move to another state or country, seek local sportsbooks and use them. Fortunately, many gambling websites available to the citizens of Michigan are also available in other states.

Michigan Online Lottery

Online lottery is one more way to win money in Michigan. Betting on specific numbers in order to win great prizes has already become an important weekend tradition among many citizens of the state. It is an affordable and simple attraction that can make the luckiest players rich. Also, it is much more relaxing than fantasy sports betting Michigan.

An interesting point is that the citizens of Michigan are quite lucky when it comes to online lotteries. After all, it is one of the few states where the full-service online lottery is available to anyone aged 18 and over. Some providers of online lottery operate within the state boundaries and even give citizens of Michigan exclusive rights to participate in its competitions. For many people, it is a less risky and more relaxing way to test their luck during the pauses in athletic seasons.

eSports Betting in Michigan

The popularity of eSports is steadily growing all around the world. In such conditions, there appear many people interested in betting on eSports events. Some sportsbooks in Michigan provide them with such opportunities; however, the domain of eSports betting is still underdeveloped in the state. If you want to try luck in such attractions, you may face a significant shortage of prominent sportsbooks that offer you the opportunities to bet on eSports. Also, the future of this domain is still uncertain in Michigan. After Michigan passing legal sports betting online, many industry enthusiasts in the state keep waiting for the popularity of eSprots gambling to grow.

Michigan Problem Gambling Helpline

Sportsbooks are shaped by legislations entities that offer great opportunities to relax, have some fun, and win great prizes. Unfortunately, such attractions also have their downsides. The point is that betting, just like any other type of betting, can cause addiction. Some players can spend significant amounts of money in Michigan casinos sports betting. It also exposes them to high levels of stress and can negatively affect such people’s careers and personal life. The authorities of Michigan are aware of such problems. They cooperate with the state’s most prominent sportsbooks and casinos in order to provide help to people suffering from gambling addiction.

Citizens of Michigan that are concerned about their devotion to gambling or their concerned relatives can refer to numerous state helplines in order to get relevant treatment. The most prominent choice is calling 1-800-270-7117, which is the number of the Michigan Problem Gambling Helpline. There are also other programs that provide experienced psychologists and psychiatrists to people unable to cope with their gambling addiction independently. In all cases, citizens with gambling issues are granted anonymity and respect for their rights. The list of such programs includes:

  • Health Management Systems of America Gambling Treatment Program;
  • Gambler’s Anonymous;
  • NFCC.org;
  • Michigan Disassociated Persons List.

Michigan sports betting timeline

Notable sports events are constant in Michigan, which means that you can find an event to wager on almost any time of the year. Meanwhile, let’s discuss the timeline of the most valuable events for the enthusiasts of online sports betting in Michigan. In this case, we will focus on the most valuable for the locals sports, which have been mentioned above.


  • The 2021 NHL season has started on January 13, 2021. The play-offs of the NHL season have started on May 15, 2021.
  • July 2021 – an approximate date for the Stanley Cup final game of the final series in 2021.


  • The regular NBA season has started on December 22, 2020.
  • NBA play-offs have started on May 18, 2021, and are ongoing.
  • The NBA finals are scheduled for the period between July 8, 2021, and July 22, 2021.
  • February 18-20, 2022 – approximate dates for the next NBA all-star game, which is a very popular event among gamblers in Michigan.


  • The regular MLB season has started on April 1, 2021.
  • July 13, 2021 – an all-star MLB game (an iconic event for Michigan sportsbooks and their clients).
  • October 3, 2021 – an approximate date for the final game of the MLB 2021 season.


  • September 9, 2021 – the date when the regular NFL season starts.
  • January 9, 2022 – the date for the final game of the regular NFL season.
  • January 31, 2022 – the approximate date for Pro Bowl – an all-start game, which is a show concluding the NFL season and attracting the attention of many football gambling enthusiasts in Michigan.

The periods between the beginning and the ending of each season are filled with games that are played at an almost daily basis. It means that gambling enthusiasts can bet on their favorite teams a few times per week. In most cases, play-offs attract more attention of betting companies and their clients than regular tournaments. The primary point is in the format, which creates better opportunities for predicting the outcomes of the games.

Also, mind that the NCAA holds its competitions round the year. Student matches attract less public attention than NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL games, but they are still very popular among some enthusiasts of legal sports betting in Michigan. Finally, mind that there are also less popular sports that still offer gamblers great opportunities to raise some money.

For example, there are numerous great boxing events scheduled in July.

  • July 3, 2021 – Chris Colbert will face Yuriorkis Gamboa.
  • July 17, 2021 – Jermell Charlo will fight against Brian Castano.
  • July 24 – a super match, the third confrontation between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

And there are many more. After the adoption of the new sports betting law Michigan, local citizens can bet on such sports as soccer, rugby, athletics, mixed martial arts, etc. Literally, if you want to place a bet, you may choose almost any day, find an appropriate match, predict its events or the final outcome, and raise a truly remarkable sum of money.


  • Are sports bets legal in Michigan?

    Yes, since 2020, online sports betting is legal in Michigan. New legislation has removed restrictions on this popular type of gambling.

  • Where can I bet on sports in Michigan?

    Since January 2021, online sportsbooks are available to the citizens of Michigan. It means that you can place bets from any place in Michigan with your smartphone or tablet.

  • Who can bet on sports in Michigan?

    Any person aged above 21 years wager on sports events in Michigan. It is important to note that people from this state have to live within the state boundaries to use their Michigan sportsbook accounts.

  • Are mobile bets available in Michigan?

    Yes, since 2021, it is available to the state’s citizens. You play with your mobile phone via browser or a sportsbook application.